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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 12/12/2013

David Codrea reports that Burlington, Vt. is withholding gun ordinance documents from the public in its rather secretive attempt to pass gun control measures in an area where such things tend to be very unpopular.

In Jennifer's Head declares that income inequality is not evil. Hear, hear!

A Geek with Guns says that apparently carrying a firearm is a "gateway crime." Take a look.

My Daily Kona blogs on so-called "common sense gun laws" from the perspective of a liberal elitist.

BonnieGadsden informs us about low profile body armor.

Mom With a Gun gives us a run down on the various guns she owns. I like reading posts like this to get various perspectives on what people believe are essential. Different guns are for different things, you know. 

A TrainWreck in Maxwell says that the more he hears about the Obamacare website the more he is convinced that there are people who deserve it.

All Nine Yards reports that Florida Carry has won the right to bear arms in cars on Florida college campuses.

90 Miles from Tyranny urges us to celebrate individual rights by celebrating the Constitution.

Give Me Liberty reports that the EPA claims that seizing private property will "help the economy."

Yankee Gun Nuts provides some lessons and an analysis in the aftermath of a recent shooting mishap.

Mike Vanderboegh says that the losers in the Colorado recall elections are now trying to claim that the recall effort had nothing to do with guns. BULL

Kurt Hofmann notes that when it comes to gun rights, Dr. Ben Carson, who is often mentioned as a potential presidential candidate, simply doesn't get it. I agree. Unless he starts to come around on this issue in a hurry, I would NEVER EVER support him for elected office anywhere.

WRSA posts the quote of the week.

Roberta X warns that the FCC is threatening to get back into the "news police" business.

Brigid blogs on the Remington 870.

The Market Ticker provides some more evidence that the U.S. is a sick nation -- critically sick.

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