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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 12/10/2013

Mike Vanderboegh has the latest developments on the nest of government spies.

Way Up North asks, "What is our responsibility toward the poor?" 

The Market Ticker provides an example of healthcare rape.

Nicki has more on the imbecile who has proposed to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

WRSA points to a piece that shows how the leviathans gradually make more and more citizen activity illegal, criminalizing them instantly...a situation that then requires police involvement in all of life in every way.

Kurt Hofmann provides another example of the inverted, perverted thinking of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Alphecca reports some interesting gun news out of Washington State.

Pamela Geller says that two Spanish journalists have been kidnapped by a Syrian Jihad group.

Days of our Trailers shows that the NY Daily News depicted the real truth about the mindset and ultimate goals of the gun control movement.

Gateway Pundit has some choice words about the GM bailout and this week's revelation that taxpayers lost $10.5 billion in the deal.

John Jacob H provides some "reading, riting, and rithematic" the old fashioned way. 

The Wandering Minstrel shares a health problem he's developed. He could use our prayers.

From Traction Control: "Why to Load Just Five in Your Single Action Six."

David Codrea notes an article on how the ATF manufactures crime. He also notes that the source still erroneously refers to Fast and Furious as a "botched sting operation."

The Smallest Minority posts a list of all of Obama's executive orders concerning guns.

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