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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 11/5/2013

Days of our Trailers posts an extremely important piece titled, "Why I Oppose 'Universal Background Check' Laws." Read it all. Excellent!

Every Blade of Grass tells a true tale of woe that is "coming to a town near you." Obamacare is even adversely impacting the schools. If the budget crisis won't spur this trend across the country, Obamacare will.

Freedom Outpost notes that Thomas Sowell wonders if we are already in the middle of a race war. Maybe so. We are already in the middle of "The Stealth War" as well.

Traction Control pleads with citizens in Virginia to vote for Cuccinelli for governor today.

The Smallest Minority has the quote of the day, culture edition.

The War on Guns reports the latest on the closing of the smelter industry, meaning that lead will become scarce and thus, ammo will be hard to get. Gun control using the backdoor method.

Gateway Pundit says Obama's approval rating has dropped into the danger zone -- 39 percent approval. It is an adage of politics that if a president's numbers drop into the 30s, things are getting pretty bad for his agenda.

The Market Ticker explains why he thinks this time Obama's lies will hurt him beyond repair.

A Geek with Guns has some advice for gun control freaks when they attempt to make coherent arguments in favor of gun restrictions.

The Constitution Coalition notes that Mary Katherine Ham totally embarrassed liberal Juan Williams on Fox News last evening.

Never Yet Melted blogs on the slow death of free speech at Harvard. Of extreme importance.

The Daily Smug reports that a retired General says that some within the military want to forcibly remove Obama from office!

Virtual Mirage asks, "Will Doctors 'Go Galt'?" I think so. Many have already said Obamacare will drive them out of medicine.

The Well-Armed Woman Blog provides the basics of reloading for women.

Yankee Gun Nuts shares a report on Obama's assault on the Second Amendment.

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