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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 11/18/2013

David Codrea reports that the Hearst Washington Bureau did a hit piece against guns, invoking the name of Lee Harvey Oswald to spread outright falsehoods.

Kurt Hofmann sounds the alarm that if the Brady Campaign gets its way, it will mean the end of the Second Amendment.

Bearing Arms reveals that the Obama DOJ did, after all, have an internal memo that called for the registration and confiscation of all guns. We are dealing with very dangerous people here, bad as Nazis if not worse.

WRSA declares that you are eight times more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer than a terrorist, and he has the link to the stats that prove it. Question: what happens when the cops BECOME the terrorists in a regime like Obama's????

The Market Ticker hints that it sort of may be time for senior adults to get the heck out of AARP, which pushed for Obamacare and thus is complicit in advocating for the outright DEATH of seniors! There are excellent alternatives to AARP. That org. needs to be destroyed. They are part of the murderous enemy.

Mike Vanderboegh provides the very latest on the armed civil disobedience movement.

Way Up North says he just returned home to a temperature of three degrees (+3 F) in Anchorage after spending some time in a place where it was 80 degrees at dinner time last night.

Tam has some gun stuff to report.

Nicki was prompted to make an important distinction -- military spouses are not veterans!

Alphecca systematically takes apart a columnist in Wisconsin who blabbered like a fool on the subject of guns.

Pamela Geller posts some updates on the resolution at the U.N. on Iran human rights.

Days of our Trailers reports that there will be an anti-gun meeting tonight in Rockford, Ill.

Every Blade of Grass says he assisted with some NRA-sponsored gun classes lately, and he presents this report.

The Gateway Pundit issued some breaking news about something many of us predicted when it became clear Obamacare was failing -- taxpayers are now forced to bail-out the health insurance industry over Obamacare losses. WHY THE HELL IS IT THAT EVERY TIME OBAMA AND THE DEMS MAKE A MESS OUT OF SOMETHING IT COSTS ME MONEY WHEN I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT???!!!

Golden Geese News notes that even the leftwing hack/actor George Clooney is upset with the electric car industry, which, by the way, is another bumbling mess Obama created with OUR tax dollars!

Brigid opines on early rising, hunting, guns, and ammo. Always a good read.

Stand Up America declares that Democrats owe Americans an apology for Obamacare...along with the very latest developments on the debacle.

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