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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 11/12/2013

Mike Vanderboegh shares a news item that perfectly shows why people like me have given up on the GOP. This does not mean I won't vote for conservative Republican candidates, but the term "Republican" and "conservative" are vastly different.

David Codrea highlights the hypocrisy and entitlement mentality that characterizes the "progressive mentality" toward guns.

Kurt Hofmann reports that the anti-gun bigots have maligned and libeled a Texas gun rights group.

WRSA flips the bird at the current tyranny and points to a sobering read outlining why the voting box has failed in America.

Karl Denninger gives us the bottom line on healthcare.

Tam posts some thoughts on the American Civil War.

Traction Control calls our attention to some comments on gun control.

Golden Geese News says that this could be good news or bad news, but can't tell which. Take a look.

Gateway Pundit reports the enraging news that under Obama, the government is now redistributing 81 percent of your tax dollars to other parts of the world. You read that right. 81 percent of all receipts!

CLO informs us that the gun rights org NAGR is doing the things the NRA should be doing but isn't. Take a look.

Days of our Trailers has the scoop on the numbskull who called gun owners "terrorists who will shoot and rape you."

Pamela Geller provides info that should be a wake up call to those who doubt the evil inherent in radical Islam. They have now declared that Jerusalem is "Islamic."

Alphecca has information indicating that gun stocks are still a good buy.

Roberta X reports some disturbing news concerning some of the police officers who were first responders to the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut last year.

Blonde Sagacity has a most interesting piece titled, "Why I post about politics."

Stand Up America gives us an update on the still-developing debacle in Syria.

Archer Garrett provides all of today's news of interest to the informed patriot.

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