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Monday, November 04, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 11/4/2013

Mike Vanderboegh has a warning he passes along involving the FBI and something called COINTELPRO.

David Codrea says that the most important thing that freedom activists can do is to actually do something. Read what he wrote to a reader who had a question about how to get involved. Good stuff there.

Kurt Hofmann highlights the story of one person caught in the latest crossfire at LAX and his comment on the utter helplessness one feels in a "gun free zone."

WRSA notes that America has now crossed a dangerous line in which the people who work for a living are overwhelmed by those who vote for a living. Read it all.

Way Up North reports on how law enforcement officers often are the first to violate the Four Rules of gun safety.

Tam takes Forbes Magazine to task for writing stuff about the AR that is simply not true.

Nicki says that "the Bastard" is yet again sticking his nose where it doesn't belong -- in another state where he has absolutely no jurisdiction. This is why we call Bloomberg "the Bastard." He deserves the title.

John Jacob H, in case you missed it, posted a must-see, a chart on America's finances. Before you yawn and go back to sleep, you had best keep up with this stuff. When it all collapses, you will be sorry you did not pay attention.

Golden Geese News stole this piece from another blogger and says it is hilarious. Be sure to follow the link.

Gateway Pundit notes that one of the main architects of Obamacare, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, has finally come clean about the whole thing and admits that Obamacare is designed to make "the individual market" in healthcare to "go away" entirely. There you have it, folks. The next step is government provided and government run healthcare from top to bottom. Socialism. Think about that before you vote for some pond scum like Terry McAuliffe in Virginia or that baby-mutilator in Texas who is running for Governor as a Democrat. You cannot continue to complain about the mess we're in if you are going to vote people like this into office, period.

CLO offers an important post on "gun fit."

Pamela Geller reports that one of Judaism's most holiest sites, the Temple Mount, was hijacked by a bunch of head-choppers who stormed the meeting, hurling insults and threats at Jews gathered there.

Alphecca explains in detail how the official Obamacare website in D.C. is a hacker's dream, complete with intimate details of the private lives of citizens all over the country.

Karl Denninger says that young Americans are waking up to the fact that they have been screwed over by government for the past 8 years, and now they want no part of it. Well, unless they start putting pressure on Obama and the Dems first, and then the RINOS, then I'm sorry but they get what they deserve. The voted for this stuff..twice.

Roberta X offers up some commentary on the lunatics who shoot up innocent victims.

Archer Garrett's The Sentinel is a good clearinghouse of important news stories you won't find anywhere else. Bookmark it and visit it daily.

Stand Up America reports that not only is Obama blaming the insurance companies for the mess Obamacare has created, but now he is blaming patients as well! What a worthless JERK!

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