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Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 10/3/2013

From CLO: "A Government Shutdown: SO WHAT!"

Golden Geese News cuts to the chase on the shooting in Washington today during which the suspect not only fired shots but tried to ram her car through a barricade at the White House.

Brigid does some UFO hunting...literally, with guns. Take a look.

Way Up North blogs on something called "the Glock Block." And they don't call 9-1-1 either!

Roberta X sends out an alert to stop the press! Algore has lied on his Internets!

David Codrea notes that the mainstream media has engaged in some revisionism in Tom Clancy's obituaries...or at the very least deliberately refusing to report a certain vital fact.

WRSA presents a must-see. Do yourself a favor and watch...and read.

Karl Denninger exposes the latest pack of lies from Obama's government.

Irons in the Fire reports on gun confiscation in the people's republic of Massachusetts.

Life in a Small Town asserts that Obamacare can be defunded without the consent of the Senate.

Constitution Coalition says that the NRA has taken aim at California's draconian gun control laws.

In the Middle of the Right has a message for jackbooted government thugs with regard to the veterans' war memorial.

Bob Owens announces a new gun website. Take a look. Note who has been chosen as the new editor!

90 Miles From Tyranny declares that Congress is in violation of the 28th Amendment and thus, they should be arrested.

Random Acts of Patriotism calls our attention to the great Walter Williams, whose latest column focuses on guns and history.

Down Range Report provides an example of how stupid people think.

Kurt Hofmann highlights "the myth of modest gun control."

Mike Vanderboegh reports the latest scandal involving the infamous ATF.

Tam uncovers the fact that some Alinsky tactics were used by Obama and the Democrats in the government shutdown, along with some smoke and mirrors, of course.

Nicki shows us the thinking of the leviathans. Excuse me, I am wrong right there. Leviathans don't think at all. Note this "logic." Ooops I am wrong again. Marxists, progressives, collectivists are never logical.

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