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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Palin: 'We don't do pinpricks but sometimes we elect them'


Former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin told Sean Hannity on Fox News Monday evening, when asked about the government shutdown and the refusal of Barack Obama and Senate Democrats to negotiate a compromise, that "we don't do pinpricks, but sometimes we elect them."

...In this case, the president went into the budget process with his mind made up that he would not negotiate at all with House Republicans on the issues of Obamacare and the federal budget. Marching in lockstep with the White House, Senate Democrats followed the leader and acted as if the fact that Republicans were elected to control the House did not matter.

Even after Speaker Boehner offered to do his part to convene a conference between the House and Senate to broker a deal that both sides could accept, the Democrats refused.

Such a conference is normal Congressional protocol...

Click here to read the entire article at Anthony G. Martin's National Conservative Examiner.

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