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Friday, October 11, 2013

Heads up, Patriots!

I just got word that the so-called "Common Core" curriculum that is being rolled out for public schools contains a very interesting assignment for students.

Students are asked to remove two amendments from the 10 that make up the Bill of Rights, since they are "outdated."

You read that right. Our public school kids are now going to be taught that the Bill of Rights is outdated, obsolete, and that if they had a choice to remove two of them, which two would it be?

I know that the Obamanoids and their enablers in Congress and outside government want this to enrage us. I am here to tell you it has done more than that. This sort of thing is enough to rouse the citizenry to open combat in the streets. Yes, you read that right too. Open, hand to hand combat.

We are not about to allow anybody, anywhere, not even by "majority vote" to remove God-given rights from the protections they are afforded in the Bill of Rights. If they do so, there will be immediate dire consequences on our own soil such as we have never seen in our history, not even during the Civil War.

This would be a war over human rights and a rogue government attempting to rob citizens of those rights. Therefore, the war that would ensue would be bloody, deadly, and the carnage left in its wake would sicken the most iron-clad stomachs among us.

The leviathans that occupy the current government in elected and unelected offices need to know exactly what they are facing if they pull something like this. I would strongly suggest that the politicians who have authority over this Common Core curriculum remove such an exercise immediately. I would also urgently suggest that they remove the wording referring to The Bill of Rights as "outdated" immediately, like, TOMORROW!

If they leave in such wording and allow this "exercise" to remain part of the curriculum, we will only assume that they approve of this evil, oppressive, and dangerous propaganda. Any delay will be perceived as a direct threat to the citizens of this country who value ALL of the rights delineated in the Constitution.

This is not intended as a threat to anyone, anywhere, but a word of warning to the wise who have sense enough to know when they have gone WAY too far. This can be corrected most easily. Remove this from the Common Core curriculum now.

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