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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 9/26/2013

Traction Control shares U.S. Sen. Bob Corker's letter to the Obama administration, warning them not to take any action to implement the UN Small Arms Treaty, which John Kerry signed yesterday.

Way Up North reports that Obamacare will hit Alaska hard with increased costs and fewer choices.

The Wandering Minstrel provides some interesting pointers on how to win a debate with an anti-gunner.

Mike Vanderboegh was prompted to call our attention to a blog post from 2009 -- a warning to the government that they will get "no more free Wacos." Read it to understand.

Tam highlights a conversation with an anti-gun bigot. Interesting stuff that. Looking into the thought processes of the antis is a lesson in cobweb formation.

Kurt Hofmann declares that gun-hating and Constitution-hating just go together.

David Codrea reports the latest on the gun crimes in Mexico that tie in with the Fast and Furious scandal of the Obama administration.

Alphecca highlights a gun dealer survey that is totally meaningless, although HuffPo had a slobbering love affair with it.

WRSA says that the government's infamous and failed "war on drugs" has only been a training exercise for the real war, the war on the gun rights of citizens!

Pamela Geller has the complete scoop, including the video, of a parent who was arrested for merely asking a question at a school board meeting. Welcome to the Fourth Reich. Next they will be hauling such people outside and shooting them in the head, right on the spot.

3 Boxes of BS has an important question for the gun blog community. My view is some people are making a mountain out of a molehill. If I can own a gun, and I can according to the Constitution, then I can carry it any way I wish, period. Laws that prevent open carry are tyrannical.

Borepatch notes that the latest info coming out of climate experts showing that the ice in the polar ice caps is expanding spells the end of "climate science" as we know it, which so far has been a propaganda tool to push "man made global warming."

The Miller says that the demonization of firearms continues. Read for the example.

All for Gun evaluates the handguns and comes up with a list of top 10 revolvers for concealed carry.

Krissy's Absurdity posts an interesting description of what she does to drown out the asinine hysterical proposals coming in the wake of the Navy Yard shooting.

The Patriot Nurse urges us to plan for resistance!

Give Me Liberty reports that a Connecticut judge has declared that NO ONE should have guns! Cuff him, haul him off of that bench, and throw him in jail pending trial!

Female and Armed asks, "Can I be armed and feminine at the same time?" But of course!

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