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Sunday, September 08, 2013

I'm not gonna write for nothing

To those who faithfully read my daily articles at the Examiner, let me say once again that you are appreciated much more than you will ever know. Do not assume that I am talking about you in this post.

Readership has dropped off to the level that I am becoming convinced that it is not worth all the time and effort I spend writing those articles, only to be read by 400 people. I made 2 bucks yesterday.

At one time I had a regular readership of over 2000 per day. Where did they go? And when I first started at Examiner in 2009, one of my articles was so popular that I made several hundred dollars on it alone, in one day...and it continued to earn me hundreds of dollars after the day it was published during that month. Those days seem to be long gone.

Now, I am not going to stop writing. I started this blog, The Liberty Sphere, with nothing, and I will continue with nothing if I have to. But, I am a professional writer, trained in the field and with a university degree to prove it. I am not going to give away my talents for free. If I can't get more than a few hundred readers at Examiner, then I will just stop writing for them.

Right now I am really too upset to make a final decision, but this is what is going through my mind. If things don't change AND SOON, then I am gone.

I thought that those of you who actually care would want to know.


A Nobody said...

You are not alone.

Welshman said...

Yeah I have heard similar complaints from writers who have been with them a long time, like myself. If something doesn't change, they are gonna lose all the good writers. I work hard at getting readers on Twitter, Facebook, etc., but something is going on in management that is very disturbing.

maggs said...

I used to faithfully read your blog almost everyday. My excuse is that I just stopped reading and watching everything. I have lost complete faith in our government (both parties, I'm a lifelong Rep) and I just had to take a break from it all. I'm slowly now clicking back into the sites I used to read. I'm also in the mortgage industry and it has not improved. I'm surprised I still even have a job at this point. Keep writing!

Welshman said...

Maggs, glad you are back. Sometimes a break is needed for sanity's sake. But we cannot give up the fight as long as liberty is at stake. This is a very real war although it is not being fought with tanks, missiles, and bullets. We don't have the luxury of stopping until we have re-secured ALL of the liberties guaranteed and protected in the Constitution. So, keep at it. I take mini-breaks, sometimes for a day, sometimes for a few hours, and somethings for an afternoon. This is how I stay refreshed without leaving altogether. I admit sometimes I feel like quitting. This stuff is hard...very hard. But every time I think I am at that point, I find I cannot quit. I hope you will find that same motivation within you as well.