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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coloradans prove the meme 'a citizen cannot change anything' is 100% wrong!

Just a quick note to congratulate the great citizens of Colorado in their successful endeavor to oust two state legislators over their votes to restrict gun rights.

Who said that a citizen cannot change anything with regard to the tyranny and oppression of elitist, arrogant members of the political ruling class?

The president of the state senate, Sen. Morse, was ousted. And the female legislator who made snide remarks about her constituents who support gun rights also was flushed down the political toilet.

But note that neither political Party initiated this. The citizens at the grassroots did so. Democrats and Republicans, plus Libertarians, found common ground, and joined together to do the right thing and to protect the God-given rights of the citizens of Colorado.

And so, my friends, it can be done. Never forget that.

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