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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Addressing the 'Constitutional crisis'--amendments or nullification?


Conservatives and libertarians who wish to correct the current excesses of government and its relentless push to amass more power have put forth several proposals for consideration. Many refer to the problem as a "Constitutional crisis." But most would be quick to say there is no crisis at all of Constitutional law but of the willingness, or lack thereof, to follow the Constitution.

One proposal is that states begin to secede from the union. Another is to wage war to bring the nation back in line with the rule of law as the Framers of the Constitution envisioned, although that war would be a totally new type of warfare, not based upon violence or doing harm but on outsmarting the collectivists and tyrants to wish to enslave the population.

Yet another proposal was placed on the table by radio talk show host and attorney Mark Levin....

...While Levin commands great respect as an attorney and commentator within the conservative community, his proposals have hit a roadblock among conservative and libertarian Constitutional scholars. Many are now saying that Levin's proposal are based upon a flawed reading of Article V and that a much better approach is what is known as "nullification."

Click here to read the entire article at Anthony G. Martin's National Conservative Examiner.

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