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Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 8/8/2013

Mike Vanderboegh informs us that his surgery was unsuccessful. And his current doctor seems to think they have exhausted all of the available options. Mike needs our prayers desperately. He is going to get second opinion, though, and there may be some positive news in the midst of all of this. But still, remember -- pray.

David Codrea notes that the Washington Post is still giving Obama a pass on Fast and Furious. Side note -- they give him a pass on everything else too, for that matter!

Kurt Hofmann says that a St. Louis outfit is getting ready to file suit to block the implementation of a new Missouri law -- the Second Amendment Preservation Act. More attacks on the Constitutional gun rights of the people by rabid enemies of freedom!

WRSA reminds us that Goober Lindsey Graham, South Carolina's senior Republican senator, is up for reelection in 2014. Here he has some ideas for campaign posters for the numbskull. Thankfully, he is going to have a strong primary challenge from a female Republican who is very popular, and she is the first female graduate from the military school in SC known as "The Citadel." Getting rid of Goober has been a longtime goal of mine.

Way Up North discusses his political views in answer to a question from a reader.

Archer Garrett's The Sentinel always keeps patriots informed of news vital to their interests.

JulieG has an informative graphic showing that gun sales are way up and gun crimes are way down.

Bob Owens reports the latest in the continuing battle between a school district and the state AG over the district's plan to arm its teachers and staff.

An NC Gun Blog asks, "What do you think he'd do if you surprised him in the act?

The Constitution Coalition blows the whistle on the Feds with more disclosures of IRS and DEA secrets and cover ups.

From A Girl and Her Gun: "Fight like a girl and other lessons from a stabbing."

Every Blade of Grass blogs on the ammo for his new M1 Garand.

Nicki has some splendid news. The editor of the New York newspaper that published a map of where gun owners live has been fired in a major layoff.

The Wandering Minstrel provides a pictorial on the nationwide campaign of patriots to demand the removal of Barack Obama from office.

Traction Control alerts us to yet another looming scandal, this time involving Kenya, a U.S. diplomat, and a death.

Tam warns, "If it goes pop, STOP!"

Brigid says she prefers things that go BOOM!

CLO reports that the ominous Council on Foreign Relations is calling for gun control. As I have stated in the past, the CFR is a very dangerous and powerful organization. And the real danger lies with it, NOT with the "Bilderbergs" or the "Rothschilds."

Around O-Town points to the real truth about the Bill Clinton "legacy" for America. Beware of every single person in this political dynasty -- including Hillary and Chelsea. All three are a menace.

Roberta X notes that a shooting case in Indy is going to the grand jury. There are good lessons here for all of us.

Alphecca reports that the prototype for the new generation of 3D printable guns has been rolled out, this one being a .22 rifle that fires 14 rounds.

The Gateway Pundit says that the Daily Kos has blamed "white privilege" for a shooting in which an Obama-supporting loon killed three people.

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