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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 8/22/2012

Tam has a piece of advice for Middle Eastern dictators.

Oleg Volk, photographer extraordinaire, presents one of his latest gun rights masterpieces.

Nicki presents some interesting statistics from Australia in light of their warning to their citizens not to travel to the U.S. due to our wild west gun rights.

Borepatch cites the "canary in the mineshaft" that is inherent in the NSA-illegal surveillance-Edward Snowden scandal.

In the Middle of the Right predicts that the hooded government jackbooted thugs will pull another Ruby Ridge soon, just to send a message to the growing number of discontents among the citizenry. And he asks a piercing question that each of us need to answer and soon.

JulieG blogs about Gun Girl Radio. Take a look.

Bonnie Gadsden has the quote of the day from John Locke.

And I Ask, Whose Paranoid Are You reminds us that one year ago Homeland Security listed "liberty lovers" as terrorists in a special report.

Extrano's Alley addresses an issue always harped on by the antis who invariably ask, "How much ammo does one person really need?"

GunFreeZone reports that the Florida legislature has decided it will NOT have a special session to reconsider the state's Stand Your Ground law.

From Roberta X: "Mission Creep -- The War on Leakers."

Alphecca declares that Obama's anti-Bill of Rights crowd is exploiting dead children.

Pamela Geller has the latest scoop on the news that Muslims in Lebanon have fired a missile into Northern Israel.

The Twisters ask, "Who Owns YOU, Baby?" Take a look.

Around O-Town counts the many ways that Obama has screwed the American public.

Way Up North reports that passengers on a stranded cruise ship in Alaska are so troubled that they are on the brink of rioting.

Mike Vanderboegh notes that Justice Antonin Scalia made some very interesting remarks on the Second Amendment in a speech recently, showing that perhaps he "gets it" when mulling over original intent.

Kurt Hofmann comments on Jessie Jackson's latest statement on violence. Jackson stated that racially motivated black-on-white murder is "frowned upon." Frowned upon? Note the wording, and note what he did NOT say. What a complete piece of trash.

WRSA has a helpful graphic showing how, exactly, the NSA scours Internet traffic in the United States.

David Codrea presents a stupefying example of the evil absurdity of citizen disarmament.

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