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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 8/20/2013

David Codrea has explosive news on a woman who has asked for a temporary restraining order against Eric Holder in the contempt case against him in Congress, fearing that he would try to have her murdered!

Mike Vanderboegh posts TWO must-reads. First, a Congressman wants to ban all of the parts that could be used to build a semi-automatic gun. And second, an idiotic MSNBC talking head has referred to gun owners as "Neo-Confederates."

Kurt Hofmann points to yet another example of why the mantra, "The police will protect you," is a complete myth.

WRSA presents a must-read on the latest in the ongoing militarization of police. Read it all and follow the links. Then, click on his header to go the main page, and start scrolling. There is a wealth of new stuff there, and ALL of it is essential reading.

Mike McCarville posts a story that shows more police shenanigans as they are increasingly seizing personal property.

From Way Up North: "Response to Danger: Logic or Fear?"

Michelle Malkin reports that Sec. of State John Kerry has cleared all of the Benghazi scapegoats that Hillary suspended from the State Dept.

Gateway Pundit says that a group of "Impeach Obama" highway protesters were roughed up and arrested by police-state jackbooted thugs.

Golden Geese News says that the truth can be a bummer. Take a look.

Alphecca notes that another idiot has brought a knife to a gun fight.

Around O-Town relates that the devil is in the gun control details at the U.N.

Pamela Geller informs us that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to get her banned from a speaking engagement in Canada, along with her colleague Robert Spencer. Remember that they succeeded in doing this in the U.K.

CLO reports that a gun rights group has written a letter to the RNC asking that the Republican Party block the move to make Chris Christie the nominee in 2016. This is an open letter than citizens can sign.

Days of our Trailers provides an explanation on the new Illinois anti-gun bill.

Every Blade of Grass points to a detailed fact guide that shows why Woodrow Wilson (and FDR) are to be deplored by Americans, not celebrated. A LOT
of VERY bad stuff was perpetrated by these worthless progressives, and I mean A LOT of bad stuff!

Blonde Sagacity wants to know where the outrage is -- Al? Jessie? Oprah?

The Wandering Minstrel comments on the fact that Arizona has been named the number one gun rights state in the nation.

The Smallest Minority says, "Obama lied, privacy died."

Stand Up America has an explosive report showing that sooner or later, all of the classified leaks lead straight back to the White House itself.

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