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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alright, an update

A scheduled trip to the eye specialist today revealed some more slight improvement, but he stated it would probably be at least another month before this inflammation clears up.

Well, that was just a FINE start to my morning.

I went to lunch after I finally got out of there, and bemoaned my condition, but then I happened to mull over the possibility that I could go blind and the fact that this is not happening. I am getting better, not worse. And my good eye is just fine.

So, I will count my blessings. I am not going blind, not even in one eye. The treatment is working. It is just taking longer. So, bear with me, and be sure to read my Examiner articles every day instead of a donation. Clicking on the links I provide to the Examiner costs you nothing but helps my pay.

I hope to be improved enough to start back with the Roundup next week perhaps.

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