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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 7/9/2013

The Gun Blog Black List is back up and running after a brief hiatus, and it's under new management.

Alphecca has the story of a gun maker that moved from Connecticut to South Carolina after Conn. passed its new strict anti-gun laws.

Brigid provides a must-read on chivalry.

Gateway Pundit reports that in spite of heavy opposition from the state's Democrat governor, the state legislature approved a concealed carry law for Illinois, making it the 50th and final state that "allows" citizens that right.

Oleg Volk displays one of his latest masterpieces on the necessity of guns.

David Codrea notes that the head judge of the FISA court doesn't know a thing about gun rights.

Mike Vanderboegh posts essential reading on our collectivist courts.

Traction Control says that actor Jim Carrey's apology for going on a tirade against gun owners is not going over very well.

Way Up North reports that one of the Fairbanks boroughs in Alaska is considering allowing its employees to come to work armed.

The Smallest Minority points to a real-life example of what charity is all about. 

Kurt Hofmann muses on the question, if an AR-15 is a "weapon of war" then what is a cop who carries one?

From WRSA: "Foolproof gun-grabbing." Follow the links.

Karl Denninger provides most interesting commentary on the mobile phone vs. land lines, and he says quality has taken a big hit. I agree. While the cell phone provides much convenience, it never has managed to come up to the standard of the land line phones...not even close.

Bob Owens reports that the world's foremost expert on gun wound forensics totally gutted the prosecution's case against George Zimmerman this morning. But take a look and note the reaction of of the Zimmerman haters.

Extrano's Alley has essential reading on gun control and democide -- the government's murder of its own subjects.

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