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Monday, July 08, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 7/8/2013

Archer Garrett has begun publishing the Sentinel, an online newspaper specifically targeted to freedom-minded news and commentary. You may want to bookmark it and return each day.

WRSA presents an excellent way to foil the ever-expanding police state.

Karl Denninger comments on the news reported this weekend that the Obama administration now says it will not check nor verify any information provided by those seeking the services of Obamacare. Sure, come on, lie and steal. After all, it's free, and it's only somebody else's money!

David Codrea calls our attention to a new film that presents an excellent way to share the truth about guns.

Kurt Hofmann reports that governors in states on both sides of the Mississippi River are vetoing major gun rights legislation.

Mike Vanderboegh notes that Obama seems to be following a script straight out of the playbook of Nixon's plumbers from the early 1970s.

Standing By has an excellent post on repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments.

Nicki explains why she has no sympathy for the starving children and suffering folk as depicted so often by the mainstream media. Now, before you attack her as heartless, read her reasoning. It is entirely reasonable and fully defensible.

Way Up North catalogues the many ways Obamacare has failed already, even before all of it has been implemented.

Golden Geese News says, "Obama, why don't you just cut your losses and scrap the whole thing" with regard to Obamacare.

Days of our Trailers believes that there is enough support in the Illinois legislature to override Gov. Quinn's veto of a gun rights law.

Around O-Town calls our attention to a new apparel store owned and operated by American veterans and manufactured right here in America.

Roberta X demands to know what is a so-called "illegal gun." The question was prompted by the head of a new "alternative NRA" organization.

Gateway Pundit reports that under Obama the second largest employer in the country is a temporary service company. So, the next time you see "news" that businesses are hiring again right and left, remember that most are temps and most are part time.

Tam provides an interesting post on gun recoil control.

The Wandering Minstrel blogs about breaking in a new gun holster.

Pamela Geller says that the man Obama describes as his "most trusted and favorite ally" -- the Turkish Prime Minister -- is violently cracking down on the people. Tyrants think alike.

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