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Friday, July 05, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 7/5/2013

David Codrea reports that a pro-gun constable is being suspiciously used, without his consent, as a plaintiff in a case involving open carry.

Brigid makes some excellent points on Independence Day that are too important not to mention, although Independence Day has come and gone. Take a look.

Tam muses on what will be the point that future historians will look back to as the moment this Republic ended.

Kurt Hofmann notes that the Bastard stated that George Zimmerman has "a history of violence" although the record shows he has never been involved in any such thing. Of course, we have come to expect that from the Bastard. That's one of the many reasons Liberty Sphere readers have come to refer to the beloved New York City mayor as a Bastard. Did I tell you today that Bloomberg is a Bastard?

Pamela Geller has the latest news on the coup and its aftermath in Egypt. It seems the Jihadists who were deposed are not going away quietly. They have now started burning down the houses of Christians.

Alphecca reports that the Democrat governor of Missouri has vetoed a bill passed by the Republican legislature that would have made it a crime for law enforcement to try to enforce the new federal gun laws in the state.

Mike Vanderboegh provides a must-read titled, "Edward Snowden's Nightmare."

Way Up North posts info on the latest tyranny in America, and please read the background at the links.

Nicki says that Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is using gun violence victims as props to infringe on rights.

WRSA states that the federal government has become completely unglued and is therefore an ongoing criminal syndicate.

Standing By reminds us that before there was a written Declaration of Independence, there was John Locke who delineated the principles the Founders would use to establish this nation.

Traction Control notes that gun rights activist John Lott Jr. has reached a conclusion on what will happen in the George Zimmerman case.

From the Wandering Minstrel: "Gun 'Buy Backs' and Why They Don't Work."

The Stiletto provides insightful commentary on the coup in Egypt.

Days of our Trailers reports that the murderous rampage that is ongoing in Chicago continues, in spite of the city's having some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

Around O-Town says, "Show me a city run by liberals that is not a violent crap hole." He provides examples.

Karl Denninger comments on the latest figures by the "Bureau of Lies and Scams" and offers plenty of reasons why they are wrong.

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