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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 7/25/2013

David Codrea reports that Oathkeepers has thrown its support behind Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers.

Kurt Hofmann provides a response and an explanation in light of the charge that he issued death threats to a member of Congress.

Roberta X has commentary on living in the current government nanny state.

From Around O-Town: "Let's ban guns and make the rest of America safe -- like Chicago?"

Alphecca posts the headline of the day. Take a look.

Blonde Sagacity has a pictorial of a trip to the shooting range.

Days of our Trailers reports the latest news in the continuing controversy in Illinois over concealed carry.

Golden Geese News shows a video of Charles Krauthammer laying out the plain truth much to the chagrin of the Obamanoids and RINOS.

Gateway Pundit has explosive news that the Obama team designated a group of college Republicans as "a terrorist threat" and refused to allow them entrance to the Fuhrer's speech on campus! How long are we going to sit back and allow this tyranny to continue unabated????

Mike Vanderboegh reports that a vote taken in the House has scared the living shyte out of the members of the surveillance state in our government!

Standing By relays the news that restaurant carry has been approved by the N.C. legislature. Good.

Nicki says "don't bring a knife to a gun fight," and "don't mess with Texas."

The Smallest Minority has the quote of the day from James Madison. Do yourself a big favor and read it carefully!

WRSA posts an important read on why the US is building a totalitarian state.

Way Up North notes that the Holder Justice Department is going after the states on voting rights issues. More tyranny under way, folks.

The Twisters report some explosive information for your consideration, and it should be a sobering warning of what's to come.

Karl Denninger provides a video report from Bill Still. The thing I like about Denninger is that although he is a libertarian (small "l"), he does not hesitate to blast the Libertarian Party (big "L"). There is a vast difference. I consider myself to be a libertarian, but the Libertarian Party to me is a joke. says that the Buckeye Firearms Association, which was raising money for George Zimmerman to buy a new firearm, has been hacked and shut down.

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