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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 7/23/2013

In the Middle of the Right has a warning about Detroit and its dire lesson for the rest of America. Be sure to follow his link.

The Well Armed Woman Blog writes on why women runners should carry a weapon.

Yankee Gun Nuts answer the question, who needs guns when we have the police?

Shall Not Be Questioned says Michelle Obama is dropping the kids and picking up gun control as her cause of the day.

The Price of Liberty has some advice for those who wish to keep up their shooting skills on these summer days when it is "too hot to shoot."

Mike Vanderboegh notes that Little Dick Durbin has indicated his next move in his long war on the Second Amendment. And of course, Sleazebag McCain agrees with him!

David Codrea reports that a Connecticut gun group has announced its opposition to an anti-gun Republican candidate for governor.

Kurt Hofmann alerts us to the woes of a company that invented and markets 3-D printable guns, due to the fact that the federal government is waging "economic Waco" on the company in an attempt to destroy it.

WRSA has an instructional on "life in the USSA," now that the USA has been destroyed.

Karl Denninger tells the real truth about Detroit, and by extension the rest of the United States.

Way Up North provides us with the many reasons why it is right for gun owners to fight against gun control.

Tam has a very important question to ask, especially since the mainstream media won't ask it.

Nicki takes to task the latest pronouncements from "the man with the thrill up his leg."

From Brigid: "Shotgun Games."

Gateway Pundit reports that "Uncle Barack" is set to punish predominately white neighborhoods, through HUD, for the lack of "diversity" or minority inhabitants.

Pamela Geller has a story you will not believe and that will make you sick, as well as enraged. A school in Malaysia has forced its non-Muslim children to eat in the bathroom because it's Ramadan!

Alphecca says that some investment firms are bowing to the pressure of anti-gun groups and the politically correct crowd by dropping their investments in gun stocks. I wanna know when are WE going to turn the tables and pressure these nutjob minority groups to shut the hell up???!!!

Around O-Town took note of the fact that progressives and the mainstream media are trying desperately to keep the racist meme they created alive.

Stand Up America reports that law enforcement is becoming a domestic military force, in direct violation of the Constitution. Read it all.

Days of our Trailers shows us what happens when an anti-gun bigot is asked a question they cannot answer, or the answer is contrary to their propaganda. Well, it sure isn't "reasoned discourse!"

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