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Monday, July 01, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 7/1/2013

David Codrea writes that the Mississippi Attorney General has petitioned the state Supreme Court against a judge's restraining order against the new open carry law.

Kurt Hofmann says that new anti-ammo piercing legislation could have the effect of outlawing most if not all rifle ammunition!

Roberta X reports on how people with chronic pain are being hosed. Blame it on the war on drugs AND, I might add, Obamacare!

Alphecca notes that Archer Garrett has two new websites that are worth checking out.

Around O-Town provides more info on the Obama-John McCain partnership "for peace."

Pamela Geller believes that the sun is setting on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, given recent developments. Take a look.

Days of our Trailers informs us that Magpul's departure from Colorado occurred with much fanfare as citizens inundated the going away event with support. Photos included.

From GoldenGeeseNews: "Left Freedom, Right Freedom."

Gateway Pundit says that CNN actually broadcast George Zimmerman's Social Security Number on its network. Unbelievable.

John Jacob H reports that another gun-grabbing blood dance has taken place, this time at a North Carolina book shop.

Mike Vanderboegh has good news to report, that resistance to New York's strict new anti-gun laws is growing.

Standing By notes that if you want to know what tyranny would look like in America, just take a look around, right where you are.

Nicki comments on the fact that charges have been dropped against the boy in West Virginia who got in a heap of trouble at school concerning his NRA t-shirt.

Tam posts a firing range report.

Way Up North comments on the latest from Victor Davis Hanson concerning the torture of flying...a pertinent subject here at a holiday.

Karl Denninger bids us look beyond the headlines for the real truth. Businesses are NOT hiring, and thus, "confidence in the economy" right now is non-existent.

WRSA links to a report on the civil disobedience event today in Colorado over the new magazine law.

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