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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Growing numbers of citizens ready to fight gov't tyranny

Various reports published by alternative news sources across America show that growing numbers of citizens are now ready to fight what they believe is abject tyranny on the part of the federal government.

One of the tell-tale signs of such growth is the stark proliferation of militia groups. From New York to South Carolina, from Arkansas to Idaho, militia groups are not only exploding in growth but experiencing a new interest in their philosophy and activities on the part of average citizens.

Although militias have always been around, something has changed within the past four years that has provided renewed impetus and motivation for such groups.

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Jordan Suwinski said...

This is indeed going to happen, whether we are ready for it or not. Unfortunately, we aren't yet ready on a whole. There only seems to be universal agreement on one fact: The current regime must topple. What happens next is a matter of some contention. The two primary schools I have encountered are a return to the Constitution as it was founded, or a complete removal of all systems of government. I believe we need a Constitutional return to Liberty. What do you think the country should become?

Welshman said...

Hi Jordan and welcome.

I have often stated that the school of thought to which I adhere is one based upon the ideals of the Founders of the U.S. Constitution, that is, I do NOT believe in the overthrow of the legal gov't that was established here under the terms of that Constitution. I do believe that tyrants who have usurped that gov't need to be thrown out. And that includes most so-called "civil service" employees who have established what amounts to a 4th branch of gov't that was never elected.

If we are to have war, it will be a war to restore the Constitution, or else I won't be part of it. If we are going to dismantle not only the tyranny that has crept in but also the foundational basis of our nation as it was conceived by our forefathers, then what is to prevent an even worse tyranny than that which has currently taken hold?

I cannot and will not stand for that. It's the Constitution or nothing in my opinion, and I can be just as fierce an opponent to anarchists as I can totalitarians.

Jason McCarver said...

Well said about the "civil service" folks. These unelected thieves have overstepped their bounds.

Got a great example for you. I just read another guy's comments about the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Apparently these group of commissioners are considering raising taxes on our phone usage. They weren't even elected, but yes, apparently someone has decided they have this power. Of course they're doing it as quietly as possible, and doing nothing to receive public input.

I guess they plan to take the money the steal from us, and send it to their buddies in the phone business by way of the Oklahoma Universal Service Fund (any government program with the name "fund" is bad news, eh)

Anyway, just thought of this when I read your comments...