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Monday, June 17, 2013

The last strand of the last straw

The U.S. Supreme Court, otherwise known as "the black robed scoundrels," pulled apart the last strand of the last straw holding the Republic together when they handed down a decision today nullifying the new Arizona voter registration law.

The rogue court ruled that in states where there are large numbers of illegal aliens a voter is not required by law to present documentation that he is, in fact, a citizen of the United States.

This decision only adds impetus and momentum to the growing movement in some areas to allow illegal aliens to vote and could have broad ramifications concerning states that wish to stem the tide of voter fraud and election tampering.

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PolyKahr said...


The republic appears to be is well and truly dead. I can't believe what Roberts has become, or what Scalia was thinking. But the Constitution speaks for itself, not the courts, not the Congress nor the Executive. All have claimed the Constitution says what it manifestly does not say. And so, the Constitution stands in rebuke to these government officials and awaits a time when the people again see a value in freedom and liberty, as opposed to free stuff.


Welshman said...

Yes, it is a very sad time in what was formerly the United States of America. And you are right, we must hold to the fact that the Constitution speaks for itself. Judges do not speak for it, given that they say the direct opposite of what the Constitution says.