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Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 6/6/2013

Stand Up America cringes over the latest revelations of government spying on American citizens, particularly when viewed within the context of other disturbing information we have discovered of late.

Mike Vanderboegh reports that Magpul, the manufacturer of gun magazines, has sold out of its limited-edition product in an attempt to fund a gun control lawsuit in Colorado.

Standing By has a must-read on the many broken promises inherent to Obamacare.

David Codrea provides the scoop on the lawsuit against the federal government being brought by an ATF whistleblower who blew the lid on the Fast and Furious scandal.

Tam tells it like it is about the latest spying scandal and then reams libertarian types who were so angry at George W. Bush that they decided they would support a complete scumbag like Obama. Sorry, but anyone who did that is no libertarian!

Kurt Hofmann says that since the anti-gun bigots don't currently have a mass shooting on which to do a gun control blood dance, they are now blaming the NRA for the recent rash of attempted poisonings!

Way Up North posts a fitting remembrance of D-Day the anniversary of which is today.

WRSA points to an intentional act of destruction perpetrated by the statists who seem emboldened by how much the Fuhrer gets away with.

Traction Control reports that the House has voted to place limits on DHS ammo purchases.

Nicki has yet another example of the numbskullery of the public school system.

Gateway Pundit posts a video of Congressman Trey Gowdy's dressing down of an IRS official today, which Twitchy called a "boom-worthy" performance. Gowdy was so passionate about his words that he fought back the tears.

From Every Blade of Grass: "Gun Control for Dummies."

Days of our Trailers provides a telling video on the abject ignorance of the gun control crowd. Watch this as someone tries to debate one of these imbeciles.

Pamela Geller reports that the bikini portion of the Miss World pageant has been nixed due to the protests of Muslims. Question: is there any other religion in the world that is accommodated as thoroughly and consistently as Islam? And more importantly, WHY???

Around O-Town says that terrorists are learning how to make explosives on TV.

Alphecca notes that many of the county sheriffs who are defying new gun control laws are not just in the state of Colorado. Good!

Roberta X has a story about "stupid gun tricks."

1 With a Bullet says he is in the process of bringing another person over to our side to join the ranks of gun enthusiasts.

A Geek with Guns comments on a writer's assessment as to why there are no libertarian countries in the world. Good reading.

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