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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 6/27/2013

Mike Vanderboegh notes that yet another IRS staffer pleads the 5th.

Bob Owens has a most interesting read on Zimmerman Derangement Syndrome. And the witnesses for the prosecution are turning the whole thing into a circus clown show.

Karl Denninger states flatly that one of the prosecution witnesses in the Zimmerman case lied.

A Geek with Guns posts a must-read on the ever-changing terrorist narrative.

BonnieGadsden found a highly intriguing fact concerning the amnesty push...and a large state that stands to change the most if it is enacted.

A Girl and Her Gun reports on two gun holsters in which you may be interested.

The Wandering Minstrel has more on holsters.

The War on Guns reports that the stink concerning newspapers publishing the names of gun owners has been stirred up once again in New York.

WRSA sends out yet another reason for the distress signal.

Kurt Hofmann says that our old "friend" Carolyn McCarthy, anti-gun bigot and nutcase extraordinaire, is up to her old tricks again.

Pamela Geller gives a first hand account of the fact that the UK outright BANNED her and Robert Spencer from entering their country, given their tooth and nail fight against the Jihad. Well, now, isn't that just dandy. The West just keeps on capitulating and accommodating these murdering thugs, and mark it down, one day America will pay big time for its tendency to do the same thing.

CLO has the latest news on the new scandal surrounding The Bastard and his league of rights-robbing Mayors. Read it all. The Bastard keeps getting dirtier by the day.

Way Up North provides some info on the Governor of Alaska that will be pleasing to gun owners.

From Nicki: "Idiot's Month with a Gun -- Gone."

Traction Control recaps the latest CDC report on guns. Very interesting....

Standing By hits the nail on the head today with a posting that shows the thinking of the pro-amnesty liberals and "progressives," i.e., if existing voters don't like us, then get new voters from outside the country. Yep, that pretty much says it all in a nutshell.

Gateway Pundit reports breaking news that Obama has told Coptic Christians in Egypt, who have been mutilated, burned, maimed, beaten, and killed and their churches burned to the ground, not to protest the Muslim Brotherhood. "Funny" that the scourge against Coptic Christians did not start until Mubarak was gone and the Muslim Brotherhood was allowed back into Egypt!

Around O-Town shows us what happens in New Jersey as a consequence of the massive new gun grab by the anti-gun bigots.

Michelle Malkin will host an open thread beginning at 4 p.m. today as the final amnesty vote is taken in the Senate.

David Codrea explains why a proposal to bridge the wide gulf between pro-gun citizens and anti-gun bigots is built on a very shaky foundation.

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