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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 6/25/2013

David Codrea calls our attention to a gun article in Nature Magazine that was intended to make a correction but which wound up putting agenda over truth. This appears to be the modus operandi of the media today. Agenda at all costs. If some truth inadvertently happens to appear in it, then all the better...

Kurt Hofmann notes that the New York Times has revived its meme to "sue and tax the gun industry out of business."

Nicki shows that the new immigration bill would revive and extend the Obama stimulus plan, once again playing voodoo with our tax dollars.

Way Up North has a most interesting cartoon editorial for the day.

Mike Vanderboegh breaks down the ammo shortage by the numbers and reports that the Obama administration is the one suppressing the availability.

WRSA says that the defiance of the patriots has paid off, at least in this case.

Tam provides an overview of all she learned when she began working for a gun store, plus a primer on gun safety and preparedness.

Standing By has a good read on the shortcomings of Republicans and Democrats. Take a look for a prime example.

Brigid posts a woman's view on the issue of concealed carry.

Golden Geese News deftly describes the issues inherent in immigration and amnesty "in the simplest of terms." Good reading!

Gateway Pundit reports the explosive news that the info the IRS reported yesterday about liberal groups being scrutinized as much as conservative groups is FALSE, and BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION!

Days of our Trailers has an explosive video showing the abject hate of Netroots Nation toward the NRA and gun owners in general. Educate yourselves about this group! Plenty of good info here in the video and following.

CLO declares that we must "cut off Obama's escape routes."

From Around O-Town: "Why Ted Cruz is good for America."

Pamela Geller provides news and commentary on the developing story that U.S. surveillance is NOT aimed at overseas terrorists. And that being the case, you know what that means without me even saying it.

Alphecca shares more explosive news that Harry Reid is bribing fellow senators to vote against gun rights.

Stand Up America has a complete report exposing more ineptitude on the part of the IRS.

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