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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 6/10/2013

Mike Vanderboegh posts the full text of his momentous speech at the freedom gathering in Temple, Texas. Go read it.

David Codrea says that the anti-gun bigots are doing one of the things they do best--exploit mistakes and tragedies to spread the gun control propaganda.

Kurt Hofmann declares that "perhaps a modest invasion of privacy should be met with a modest regime change." Hear, hear!

WRSA points to essential reading on the treasonous acts of progressives.

Way Up North has some political news coming out of Alaska.

The War on Guns notes that Kurt Hofmann has joined Mike Vanderboegh on the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence's black list of "domestic terrorists and insurrectionists." Actually, it is quite an honor to be on the list. The clowns at CSGV think the Framers were terrorists, too, if one uses their criteria as the benchmark.

Nicki traces the illogic of official explanations given by Obamanoids concerning the snooping on 100 million Americans in, "So let's say it was a mistake."

Standing By is convinced government snoops are reading his blog and millions of others as well. Here he has a run-down on the facts as we know them presently.

I could not pass this up, although Memorial Day has come and gone. John Jacob H posted what is perhaps one of the two greatest speeches given in modern U.S. history -- President Ronald Reagan's address at Pointe du Hoc to commemorate the 40th anniversary of D-Day. The other historic speech of note, also given by Dutch, is the famous Berlin Wall speech upon the fall of the Soviet Union. I can't listen to either one without tears.

Tam comments on the latest person to violate the "No Guns Allowed" mandate in California.

Gun Owners of America is promoting its new movie, "Agenda: Grinding America Down." For a limited time you can watch it free at the link.

Karl Denninger provides THE definitive explanation of why all of this government snooping is NOT about protecting us from terrorism! Do NOT believe the government's lies. Read Denninger's piece to find out why.

Michelle Malkin reports that the State Department may have been involved in a series of cover ups. Well, that only makes sense. We know they were involved in Fast and Furious, and covered it up. We know they were involved in Benghazi, and covered it up. There is more smoke pluming out of the Department, so we know that where there is smoke there is fire.

And on the heels of THAT, CLO has THIS bombshell -- the DHS insider has confirmed the real nature of the agency's snooping on Americans.

Days of our Trailers outs the so-called "massive grassroots movement against guns" for the sham that it really is. Their latest "rally" drew all of....4 people.

Around O-Town informs us as to where all of our ammunition went.

Alphecca directs our attention to a thorough analysis of the new NRA president and the issues he faces.

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