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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Musings After Midnight: Why my hope for a peaceful solution to the current mess in government has gone out the window

Notice -- more on this riveting topic can be found in my Examiner column today. Click here to read "Is there a peaceful solution to the current mess in government?"

Good morning, my dear patriot friends and readers, and welcome to another edition of Musings After Midnight.

I wish I had good news to report to you today. We need some good news for a change, for sure. But the last thing we need is false hope like we often find in the mainstream media, especially on network television news programs, that says the economy is getting stronger, the housing market is booming again, the jobless rate is improving dramatically, and so forth, all of which is nothing more than a case of whistling past the graveyard.

For sure, there are some hopeful signs here and there. But there were hopeful signs right after the catastrophic stock market crash of 1929. It was clear from the record that the market attempted to rebound and did exactly that for a while after the crash. In fact, it was fully two years before the nation plunged into the Great Depression, and it was not until 1933, after FDR took office, that the Depression entered its darkest period.

In spite of the faint rays of hope that many in the mainstream media tout, the housing market is beginning to bounce back because the mortgage industry is beginning to once again do what it was doing in the years leading up the crash of 2008. Lenders are being encouraged by government to grant mortgage loans to as many as they can. In time this policy will drive up the value of real estate, leading to a housing bubble that can easily burst, just as it did five years ago.

The markets are still volatile as well. All it took last week for a massive sell off was the news that the Federal Reserve would no longer be artificially stimulating the economy as it has done since 2008. The very next day the market lost over 300 points.

And don't be fooled by improving jobless figures. Obamacare has not yet hit full force, but that day is just around the corner. We have already seen what a mere partial implementation of the government healthcare plan will do to business. Employers are either forcing employees to pay a much higher share of their health insurance costs or dropping healthcare coverage for employees altogether. Some businesses, rather than putting their workers through such torturous agony, are opting instead to lay off part time or temporary workers and implement a hiring freeze. This does not bode well for the economy in the long term.

However, the elephant on the kitchen table has nothing to do with the markets, housing, or jobs. The biggest threat that looms for the American citizenry is the explosive news reported last week that the federal government has been spying on all Americans whether they are suspected of a crime or not, and without obtaining warrants from a court of law, and without due process or probable cause.

We are, in other words, now living in an Orwellian society where every move, every act, every word, every email is being monitored and stored in a huge, gargantuan government database.

Oh, and by the way, that means that Barack Obama, yet again, lied through his teeth to the public when he said all Americans are not being monitored but only those who have been shown to maintain contact with suspected foreign terrorists.

The statement is blatantly and 100 percent false.

And what about our stellar Republican leadership in Congress? Are they up in arms about this? Are they determined to bring articles of impeachment against Obama in the House and then conduct a trial in the Senate on the merits of the charges against him and a plethora of shady administration officials who have also lied, such as Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and Kathleen Sibelius?

Well, no, they are not, at least not most of them. Instead they, like their Democrat counterparts, are pitching hissy fits over Edward Snowden, the snarling demon from hell who wickedly ratted out the lying government jackbooted thugs who engaged in illegal activity by monitoring the movements of over 100 million American citizens without any legal authority to do so.

News reports today on Drudge, Fox News, CNN, and other outlets state that there is "bipartisan support" for bringing charges against Snowden. For what? For telling the American people that their government is now their enemy and that this enemy is spying on them with no regard for the law, the Constitution, or due process?

First let's hail Snowden as a hero of liberty before we delve into whether or not he disclosed any government secrets that threatened national security. So far the only "secret" he has revealed is that the federal government has betrayed the citizens and forever broken its bond of trust with them. The only people who are really threatened by his actions are the entrenched jackbooted thugs of the eastern establishment in both political Parties. It is their security that is threatened, for when the citizens see for themselves just how thoroughly they have been betrayed by the elitist establishment of both Parties, I have a sneaking suspicion that the electorate will not only be livid with rage but they will be of a mind to clean house from top to bottom.

Think of Jesus when He physically overturned the tables and drove the evil money changers out of the Temple.

My friends, really, how can anybody thinking clearly look at all of this and not come to the conclusion that we are now living under abject tyranny?

Tyranny comes in many shapes and sizes. It can assume many forms. In some cases it can be a monarchy with an all-powerful king or queen. It can come in the form of a dictatorship, such as Adolf Hitler. In other cases it comes in the form of an autocratic ruling class or ruling party, such as in Communist nations. And still in other cases it can take the form of a conglomerate involving the collaborative efforts of government and large corporations working in tandem, such as what we find in fascism.

But what most Americans have forgotten today is that our Founders knew of yet another kind of tyranny -- the tyranny of "majority rule."

"Democracy" in its purest form, according to its original definition, means the citizens put issues to a vote, and whoever comes out with the most votes wins. Thus, in the worst case scenario, if the majority were to decide that blue eyed blond females should not be allowed to vote, then the losing minority would be forced to live under such conditions although it would mean the majority summarily nullified the rights of blue eyed blond females.

The Founders of this Republic were just as frightened of tyranny by majority rule as they were other forms of tyranny, which is why they often lambasted "democracy" as a form of government that is just as bad and dangerous as a monarchy.

Thus, the Founders decided that in order for a government by the people to work properly, the rights of the minority had to be protected against a majority vote. This is why the several states had constitutions and their own bills of rights. And when the Framers agreed to a national bill of rights that would be attached to a new Constitution for the entire country, they secured the support of patriots in the several states who previously were dead set against any federal government at all.

The patriots, thus, insisted that the right to free speech, free press, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly would never be subjected to a majority vote. Those rights were considered sacred and were thus made part of the founding documents. In like manner, the right to keep and bear firearms would not be subjected to majority vote. It, too, was too important and vital to the liberties of citizens to be made vulnerable to the whims of a majority. Same thing with the right to be free from illegal search and seizure, and every other right delineated in the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

Unfortunately, many Americans today in their shocking ignorance seem to believe that as long as a tyrant running for Congress or president is approved by a majority of citizens, then that majority vote means that the tyrant has a mandate to launch a full frontal assault on all of the rights delineated in the Constitution. After all, "majority rule," right? A majority of the people voted this person into office, and thus, that person can make decisions to undercut, ignore, and make completely worthless every single liberty for which our forefathers bled and died.

Such a boneheaded notion is sheer folly -- and very dangerous.

The gun rights of American citizens are not subject to a majority vote or the whims of an anti-gun nutcase. The right to be free from illegal searches and seizures is not something that can be ignored by a politician, no matter how large his or her vote margin may have been. In a Constitutional Republic, which is the form of government we have, certain rights are never questioned. And the "majority" of the electorate, including the tyrants they may vote into office, are prohibited from doing certain things that violate the liberties guaranteed to them by their Creator and protected by the Constitution.

This is why I can say with all certainty that people like Barack Obama are sick and evil. Hillary Clinton is sick and evil. Eric Holder is sick and evil. So is Janet Napolitano. So is Kathleen Sibelius. And I can go on and on naming the sick and evil clowns who hold elected office, such as Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Little Chucky Schumer, Harry Reid, Little Dick Durbin, Goober Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Chris Christie, Pat Toomey, Rob Portman, Kelly Ayotte, Susan Collins, and many others.

In fact, I have totally lost confidence in 99 percent of those who serve in Congress, both Republican and Democrat. The only one at this point who seems to be holding fast to the Constitution, and the truth, is U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Mike Lee and Rand Paul still seem to have some integrity, but even they have done some things I find questionable. And as for Marco Rubio, the immigration thing has turned me 100 percent against him. He can forget ever getting my support.

Oh, and by the way, the other Bush who seems to be chomping at the bits to the get into the White House -- Jeb -- can take a hike. No more Bushes, period.

Now, my friends, the problem with persons such as Christie, Rubio, Ayotte, and some others, is that they have figured out how to talk the talk to the Tea Party in order to get elected, but then immediately fail to walk the walk once they get in office. One by one, Tea Party supported candidates have recently shown the electorate that they didn't mean a word of what they said while they were running for office.

So, is every candidate for public office now taking their cues from Barack Obama? After all, Obama can say anything and do anything, including contradict himself in the same sentence and lie incessantly, and yet sail to reelection so smoothly that you would think that people actually do literally worship him as the messiah.

If the man at the top can do it and get away with it, then why can't congressmen, senators, state legislators, and the like?

And this brings me to my salient point. What we are witnessing is a failure of the ballot box, a break down of the process of voting. Voting in this country has become a joke because the candidates cannot be trusted. Just as soon as we begin to trust them, they betray us. And they actually think they can get away with it, that they are untouchable.

When the ballot box fails to work and voting fails to bring about the necessary corrections to a system completely corrupted by charlatans, liars, money-grubbers, opportunists, and demagogues, then what?

We are now at that point, my friends. We are at the "then what" crossroads.

I will admit to you that I have been so deeply disturbed and peeved by what I am witnessing that the only way I can describe my emotional state is one of impending doom and a dreaded sense of hopelessness bordering on despair. The only thing that has kept me energized for the fight is my anger, the burning rage that seethes within toward the worthless bags of excrement we have placed into public office in America. They are, for the most part, totally worthless as leaders, even the Republicans. And don't think for a moment that this is reason for Democrats to take hope. I wrote them off long ago as the American Communist Party. If they would be honest with the American people, they would have to admit that they do not believe in private property, in God given rights and human liberty, in free markets, in the profit motive, in economic growth, in teaching human beings to become independent and self-reliant. To the contrary, they believe that humans for the most part, except for the elites of the ruling class, are too dumb to have liberty. They must be told what to do and how to do it. Their activities must be "managed." They are not competent enough to own private property or to handle their finances. Thus, government must do everything for them.

So, throw them into a government subsidized 700 square foot apartment, give them food stamps, free healthcare, and throw them a bone or two once or twice a month to give flavor to their soup, and they will be happy. And then the "real adults" of the elitist ruling class can get about the business of running the world and making the laws for the peons but knowing full well they themselves will never have to abide by the laws they pass.

There is no peaceful solution to this sorry state of affairs. The monstrosity we call the federal government is now way too big. It is totally out of control with no accountability at all. They don't even feel they owe any accountability to Congress, which is charged with oversight responsibilities. And Congress itself is partially to blame. With wussy-foots like John Boehner in charge, who has never really used the power of his office as Speaker of the House to force the government bureaucrats to provide documents, provide truthful answers, and fully cooperate with investigations, or go to jail, it is no wonder that Eric Holder can thumb his nose at Congress. It is no wonder Hillary Clinton can yell, "What difference does it make," when speaking about her role in the death of a U.S. ambassador and three other American diplomats. It is no wonder James Clapper can lie to Congress about there being no spying going on in the administration on American citizens, and expect to suffer no repercussions.

The crooks are running the jail house in the federal government, and the people we have elected to clean up the joint immediately become just as crooked as the other crooks.

So, as far as I am concerned, the ballot box is a losing proposition at this point. It is futile.

The thing that is needed is courageous, decisive, swift, and relentless action on the part of patriots who will do what is necessary to effect far-reaching implications for the future of the country. Here we are not speaking of going off half cocked like a bull in a china shop. We are talking about well-thought-through and thoroughly planned actions that are designed to show Big Brother that he is not as all powerful as he thinks.

And remember, these actions must be designed to protect human life, particularly the civilians. Our purpose is not to harm, maim, or kill anyone. That would be the worst possible thing we could do and would ultimately hurt our cause. Such a setback has the potential of ruining the liberty movement.

So, THINK. And remember five basic words we have discussed before in depth -- resist, defy, evade, smuggle, sabotage.

Do NOT forget that by sabotage we are not speaking of the kind that harms, such as blowing up buildings, dams, bridges, and the like. The statists who are good friends of Barack Obama wrote the book on such violence, such as Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and the Weather Underground. We don't want to be like them. What we want is to implement sabotage in a manner that uses the power of our intellect to thwart their intellect.

For example, to a great degree government whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and many others have engaged in a very effective form of sabotage -- thwart the power and movements of the statist machine by revealing its secrets, that is, the secrets it has kept showing that it breaks the law to do what free societies do not tolerate. The mere fact that we are now fully aware of what the leviathan is doing means we now have enormous power at our disposal. And the leviathan is vulnerable. After all, he wonders, "What else do they know? Are they holding on to other secrets that are much more damaging to us than what has already been revealed? Who are they going to 'out' next?"

The very fact that the lawless government bureaucrats are on the run is ample evidence that we now have the upper hand. Knowledge is power. And we know A LOT! And yes, there is much more to come at strategic intervals.

We will continue to gather secrets and reveal them as long as this government chooses to break the law and ignore the Constitution. That is its punishment for its crimes. And if the patriots ever get into power, you can bet that is not the only punishment that will be coming down the pike. Public trials, verdicts, sentences, and so forth, are also part of the mix.

The crimes our government is now committing against its own citizens begs for the severest form of legal consequences that are available to a free, Constitutional society. Many of us will never rest until the current crop of perpetrators is not only driven from office but placed on trial before a jury of citizens who will then determine innocence or guilt, and then decide the appropriate sentence.

If Congress will not do its job and do these things, we will.


Edmund Horgan said...

This article touches me at my very core. You have entered my mind and captured all the thoughts and emotions I harbor. The only answer is long and difficult. It is the 10th amendment. All politics is local and we need to begin in our communities. I live in Plymouth Massachusetts and we were the only community to vote against Markey in this recent election. We are the quintessential working class town. Religion, patriotism and community are most important to us in the very heart of the historical founding of our country. In the People's Republic of Massachusetts this is a unique distinction. Please continue to help those of us that respect the foundations of this great country find the strength to continue to fight against the Washington establishment. Maybe we need to throw the tea intoPlymouth harbor and begin anew

Welshman said...

We stand together as American Patriots, my friend, whether we are south, north, east or west. We are in all states in all areas. Though we may be separated by space we are most definitely not separated by values, convictions, commitment, and goals. We want America to work like it was intended, under a Constitution that is honored and obeyed by all so that all have equal opportunity and rights under the law. And, I might add, we want that Constitution upheld when tyrants make their way into office by hook or crook. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY is above the law or exempt from its provisions, not even presidents or Supreme Court justices.

Keep fighting the good fight. More people have bought copies of the US Constitution in the past 4 years than at any other time in 100 years, I am told. This is an excellent sign. People know in their hearts something is awry and that the Constitution is the only thing that can fix it from a human point of view. Outside of that, only God can fix it.

Unknown said...

Hi good morning, from east los angeles ca. I thank you for your diligence and selflessness to coop with the weight and fate that awaits america and how you sir can continue standing has got to be divine power.
You are in the trenches of information that can be the turnning point for america, as an american i must do something more, than read and repost, as a veteran i am sworn to deffend the constitution at all cost in the name above all names Jesus Christ... I assume you know the history of the minute men of 1775, they were church going MEN with pastor Jonahs as the leader, but they were all equall.
America needs to turn back to its true foundation in Christ Jesus ots the only way, because history shows that God os the only way. Man can not do this on his own strength. We need a spirituall revival, an awakening.
Thank you Joe"oathkeeper"nuno

Welshman said...

AMEN, brother! I appreciate your taking a stand. We must all stand together, or else we will all surely hang together, as Franklin said so aptly. God bless you and all of us in our efforts.

Welshman said...

Well, in my haste, I misquoted Franklin in my paraphrase. I believe he said, "We must all stand together, or surely we will all hang separately," or something to that effect. At any rate, you get the point.

Unknown said...

Thoughts I have had for the last couple of election cycles. I too was beyond frustrated with the seeming idiocy of the electorate; democracy... the elected by actions had become my enemy and by complicity those who elected them. But then I began to step back and take a closer look. There is a reason why it doesn't matter which of the big two parties are in office or why no matter the rhetoric spewed nothing is done and we get more of the same. The parties are bought and paid for by the same special intrests who then cannot loose unless some "upstart" party gets the vote which is of course highly unlikely as these special intrests also control the vast amount of major media outlets; even to the extent of keeping individuals like Ron Paul out of debates altogether... like him or not, that was not fair play. This government is now throughly entrenched in our daily lives and thus those who use the government to their personal ends will have their way... this cannot be fought; it is done. This is not the end however, there is another saying that should be considered, "if no one obeys... no body rules." This society has been structured and taught... no, brainwashed into believing we must be compliant, no matter what, and we are so polite about it as well; barely whimpering as our rights are infringed upon left and right (double meaning). But what if a majority of the people just said "no". Said.. nope... not my government, I didn't choose you, I don't agree with you and you don't get to "have" me; I am a free man or woman... not a slave, not your object, not your cash cow and not yours to be played with however you please. Non Compliance, as far as I can see, is the only real way to end this insanity. Voting in a rigged environment won't work, violence will not work... only non compliance. The time is drawing near, how long before we just abandon this game where the odds are set against us? Especially when one considers the implications and importance of our lives and natural rights. Seems insane to do what you are told by the very people who are doing you harm and stealing from you to be able to do so... seriously... That's insane. Makes no sense whatsoever, I as our forefathers would much rather attend to the dangers of too much liberty than the iron fist of tyranny from a government with a monopoly on violence. Just my two cents.

Unknown said...

The use of force to repel via defensively and the use of force to oust via offensively will be both necessary in securing freedom again and for future generation's unborn. Past generations have failed to keep the government controlled and limited while enjoying the best of America and now, today, men like me will end up needing to use our God given rights to oust this tyrannical system, from top to bottom. The generations under 45 are the last standing force to defend liberty and if we don't, there won't be anything for the future which is very soon. Whatever it takes is my motto and I will stand proudly as an American warrior patriot just as our Founder's and our American Colonists who fought on these sacred grounds......

John De Herrera said...

Hello, wanted to share links regarding the Article V Convention: the Constitution contains a convention clause, it embodies the ultimate right of all Americans--We can alter or abolish whatever does not suit us by finding our common ground. You'll find few who want to abolish what we have, most just want to clean it up. The convention process is what cleaning up government is all about. The 113th Congress is illegally preventing the Constitution from operating as intended by failing to issue the call for a federal convention of state delegations. All the militia or folks have to do is educate yourselves and verbalize the need for a convention. That's how you will take down the forces behind the politicians. Please review the following links:

How members of Congress are taught to view the matter:

Database of state applications:

Operational aspects of the Article V Convention:

Myth of the 1787 convention:

Further reading:

Unknown said...

I would like to add that this could all strangely be by design. I mean that the globalist-minded people, trying to bring our country under the control of the UN charter, are trying to wreck our ship of state deliberately... ruining the average American's view of government so that we do away with it completely and accept rule by the wealthy globalists.

macatac7692 said...

Do you realize the can of worms you will open with a con con? Everything is on the table, all Elm be recognized as man driven and man given, thus the word inalienable can be forgotten.

You day not so? Trek me how California will not send Pelosi look Alex to represent them in convention, how many hay Reid look allows will be their? Thru can Co opt the whole process and we could have a man driven malleable constitution that means nothing.

What we have had distinctive meaning, but had been co opted. We need to get it back on track.

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