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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

In remembrance: Tiananmen Square massacre by ChiComs

Today is the 24th anniversary of the courageous move by liberty-driven students and other dissidents to defy the Communist government of China, and the subsequent massacre of the protesters by the ChiComs.

The massacre served as a dreadful wake up call to those who believed that reforms in China, including the gradual shift to a more capitalistic economy, had served to soften the mission and resolve of the Communist government. The ChiComs were still every bit as committed to limiting personal freedom and liberty as ever. And if one dared defy them, they would come after you full force. And they would kill you in cold blood if necessary.

It is still forbidden for citizens in China to speak ill of their government. And is also illegal to speak of Tiananmen Square, and all references to the massacre on the Internet are still blocked by the Chinese government.

But patriots never forget tyranny and the murders that always accompany it. The Chinese government is a bunch of murdering bastards, period. And they are evil, pure evil, every bit as much as the Communists of the old Soviet Union.

To the degree that our own government in the United States gradually resembles China's disdain of individual liberty and ultimate personal freedom, then it, too, is evil.

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