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Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/9/2013

Around O-Town links to three videos that show why our agencies cannot tell who the real enemies are.

Alphecca says that Democrats hope they can turn Texas blue. Sure they do. They are implementing the "Colorado Model" in Texas, North Carolina, and other states to do exactly that. But their success has been mixed.

Kurt Hofmann notes that although gun violence has plummeted, the gun control nuts want to change course anyway. Why?

Roberta X has an interesting story out of Columbus that focuses on BB guns and police officers.

From Mike Vanderboegh: "Will Tyranny Ever Come to America?"

CLO posts the latest on a Colorado Republican legislator who is trying to restrict gun rights.

WRSA declares that when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes our duty.

Brigid provides some words to the wise on safety.

David Codrea highlights an example of Chicago elitism...and hypocrisy, I might add.

Way Up North says Alaska has been buried under snow and record cold. Really, nearly the whole country has experienced the same thing this Spring.

Nicki shares her opinion on the Kokesh armed march on D.C. in July.

Standing By has "things that make liberals angry."

Traction Control correctly notes that there is only ONE OFFICE that could have given the stand down order to military personnel who were ready to help the diplomats slain in the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Pamela Geller posts some "Benghazi Bombshells."

The Twisters have a special message for Hillary Clinton on Benghazi.

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