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Monday, May 06, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/6/2013

Kurt Hofmann reports that New Jersey's attempt to ban .50 caliber firearms could have unintended consequences that benefit gun rights enthusiasts.

David Codrea says that HuffPo is soliciting "gun violence stories" from readers so it can pump up the push for gun bans.

Mike Vanderboegh urges citizens to watch Colorado Democrats very closely. It matters who votes, and it matters who counts the votes. I sense shenanigans in the air in Colorado.

WRSA provides essential reading on progressive tyranny.

Karl Denninger shows how your purchasing power has been, for all intents and purposes, destroyed.

Way Up North asks and answers, "Should Christians give up their guns?"

Traction Control says there is good reason to be skeptical of an "open carry" march on Washington, D.C.

Nicki has an update on the high school senior who was expelled and charged with a felony for merely leaving his shotgun in his truck when he went to school.

Standing By posts a story on one of the wicked witches of the west, one of the liberal politicians that conservatives love to hate -- Dianne Feinstein.

Much obliged to John Jacob H for this post, which can be used as a reference for you Liberty Sphere readers who like my series, Musings After Midnight.

Brigid blogs on a hunting accessory that you may not have thought about. Does "Dirty Buck" ring a bell?

Golden Geese News explains that the late, great Andrew Breitbart has been vindicated on his controversial story called "The Pigford Scandal." Turns out it is true.

Days of our Trailers shows off a new toy he picked up at a gun show yesterday.

From Around O-Town: "Gun Grabbers Say the Darndest Things."

Pamela Geller reports that Canadians are fighting back against their pro-Sharia government's ban on free speech when it comes to Muslim terrorism.

Alphecca posts U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe's explanation of why DHS is buying up all the ammo. And by the way, you are not being paranoid if they really are out to get you.

Stand Up America has a full report on Glenn Beck's speech at the NRA. If you haven't seen it, this is a must-see! Beck never fails to deliver when it comes to public speaking.

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