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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/20/2013

CNS reports that Obama's point man for delivering the administration's propaganda on the plethora of scandals has declared that "the law is irrelevant." Yeah, and how is this news? We've known all along the law does not matter to these people.

David Codrea says that U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has issued a new charge at the administration concerning Fast and Furious.

Kurt Hofmann suggests that all of the new scandals demand a new look at the Fast and Furious scandal, which was never really resolved due to administration stonewalling.

Mike Vanderboegh announces he will be speaking at an armed gathering of citizens in Temple, Texas to protest recent actions by the Temple Police Dept. Click on the link he provides for more info.

WRSA notes that the Tea Party Patriots are sponsoring a nationwide protest of the IRS TOMORROW! Follow the links and get busy!

Karl Denninger has a special message for Barack Obama.

Tam says that "the whole freaking system is out of order."

Way Up North reports that Alaska just had its longest snow season on record, in spite of all that carbon-polluted global warming.

CLO has ominous news that Obama will ignore the Senate's smackdown and implement gun control anyway through the Department of Health and Human Services. Your doctor will be encouraged to report you to the FBI if you own a gun. Tyranny, anyone? Can anyone still say with a straight face that we are not living under a tyrannical government?

Brigid blogs on the Walther PP (police pistol).

John Jacob H posts a rather interesting piece on FBI bozos and their "handling" of weapons.

Every Blade of Grass reports two pieces of news, one concerning Beretta's departure from Maryland and the other concerning California's acceleration of its assault on gun rights.

Standing By highlights the lies, deceit, and wrongdoing of the IRS and directs a message from the Bible that has direct relevance.

Days of our Trailers notes how the hysterical HuffPo throws around terms like Nazis, traitors, and perverts to describe patriots. This is one of the worst yet from the pathologically hysterical writers at HuffPo.

Alphecca says that a new gun law in Florida targets the "mentally ill." The slippery slope is working overtime.

Around O-Town declares, "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil!"

Pamela Geller has the full story on how the chief counsel for the IRS got Obama-buddy and pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah "G-d D*mn Amerikkka" Wright and his church off the hook in an IRS probe! Too bad someone wasn't around to help Billy Graham and his son, William Franklin Graham, in a similar manner. Don't tell me this wasn't politically motivated. I am not one of Obama's intellectually-challenged and low-information voters, so I do not fall for the multiplicity of lies that emanate 24/7 from this White House and its henchmen.

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