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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The winds of war quietly sweep the homeland

Those who have followed the series "Musings After Midnight" at The Liberty Sphere blog are well aware of the fact that civil war on the homeland, here in America, is near. That conclusion was not reached due to any leadership on the part of the author but the work of the author in "keeping the ears close to the ground," and then reporting what those within the leadership of the resistance movement say.

Such reporting is not an attempt to "out" anyone or to leak sensitive information but to serve as a warning to those who occupy powerful seats in government that unless they back off the current attempt to limit, restrict, and outright ban certain rights of citizens, there will be a heavy price to pay, too heavy for prudent minds to accept.

The very fact that there is a sizable resistance movement to what our own government is doing is reason enough for the political class to sit up and take notice.

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