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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Teachers unions plan to crush parent-led schooling

The Examiner has learned that the head of a parent-led schooling organization stated Tuesday that powerful teachers unions, particularly the National Education Association and state-based unions in Democratic states, plan to crush parent-led schooling by cracking down on "accountability" and "intolerance," and passing a plethora of rules and regulations that would render such schooling practically powerless.

Approximately 3-5 percent of all school age students are homeschooled in America today. Projections estimate that based upon the explosive growth of homeschooling, the number of homeschooled students could skyrocket to 15 percent of all children within 10 years.

Frightened by such prospects, powerful teachers unions in the various states plan to do all that is necessary to squelch the homeschool movement.

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