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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Pay no attention to the ads for Goober Lindsey

I see that Lindsey Graham has kicked his campaign into high gear now as he faces reelection in 2014. His ads are all over the place, on Google, including Blogspot, which is a Google platform, and the Examiner for which I write.

As for this blog, it is never to be assumed that I endorse anything advertised here unless I specifically say so. Google decides what goes on here. If I limit them, I make less money, and I am so destitute that less money literally means missing  some meals and not making a car insurance payment. Yes, it is that bad.

So, the only thing I will say is that as far as I'm concerned, Graham is a Goober. He is an idiot, a disgrace to the Senate, and an embarrassment to South Carolina. I rarely agree with him on anything except for the Benghazi debacle, and my friends, there is much MUCH more to being a U.S. senator than Benghazi.

I will NEVER vote for another Democrat as long as I live, not locally or nationally, since they are now the Socialist Party for all intents and purposes. And I am fed up to the hilt with the Republicans who lead the Party such as Goober Lindsey, John McLame, and Yellow Stains Boehner.

So, I suppose when it comes to the Senate race here in S.C., I am left with the Libertarian candidate, whatever nameless face it happens to be. I hate what this nation has become in the last decade.

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LordChamp said...

As a fellow South Carolinian I agree 100%. We have to do everything in our power to get this idiot out of the senate.

However, he has deep pockets. Like 4 mil already in the bank for this coming election so we have a lot of work ahead.