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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Power to kill citizens leads to Senate threat over Obama appointees

Senators in both Parties today issued a threat in an official letter to President Obama to torpedo the president's appointees over the administration's contention that the government has the power and authority to kill citizens on our own soil and abroad, particularly with drones.

At issue is a statement released by the Justice Department Monday stating that it has received "secret legal opinions" that justify its belief that the government can kill citizens with drones in the ongoing war on terror. The statement was released in the context of the fight against al Qaeda and Americans who may side with terrorists.

But government watchdogs say that the entire notion of the power to kill U.S. citizens by their own government is cast so broadly by this administration that it would be easy to stray into illegal areas, such as killing passionate and vocal dissenters and opponents of the administration here at home. And the senators expressed deep concern that the supposed legal basis for this policy is being kept secret by the administration...

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