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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Obama use of children as props mirrors Hitler, Stalin

On Wednesday Barack Obama used children as props in order to attempt to pull on the heartstrings of the public, snookering them into supporting his proposals for gun bans and a national database of all gun owners. Supposedly the message in the photo-op is that no matter how egregious the attack on the rights of the people, as long as it is done "for the children" any act of government tyranny is justified.

Regarding Obama's disgraceful use of children in a debate about guns, it is to be noted that notorious dictators such as Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Fidel Castro all used children as props. And each first registered all gun owners prior to a systematic program of gun confiscation, leading to the Holocaust that killed 7 million Jews and 5 million political dissidents, and to the scourge Stalin conducted in the Soviet Union that resulted in the murders of 27 million Russians.

Progressives have often denounced comparing Obama to Hitler and Stalin. But the comparisons are stark and obvious, not only in his use of children as propaganda tools but attempting to make law by executive order.

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