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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Conservatives offer clear-headed, rational solutions to 'gun violence'

A most curious phenomenon has developed in modern society that requires the suspension of rationality and logic. The problem is not so much that at the core of the phenomenon is muddle headed thinking but that so many Americans do not immediately recognize the inherent incoherence that such thinking entails.

For example, modern Americans tend to blame society's ills, and their own, on everything but the right thing. Criminals steal not because they are social deviants but because they grew up in poverty. Racism, bigotry, and hatred toward our fellow man is not due to the evil that lurks in men's hearts and in the world but due to politically incorrect terminology that leads the emotionally weak to unleash their verbal venom.

If only society could mandate that certain words not be used, then perhaps society could totally eradicate from men's minds the tendency to caricature and vilify people who are not like they are.

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