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Monday, November 26, 2012

What the h*** are these numbskulls up to!?

Drudge is reporting this evening that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is meeting near the White House with "alumni" from his leadership team. A Romney political operative was there as well.

Speculation is running wild that the meeting is an early indication that Jeb is intent on running for president in 2016 and was in town to test the waters. He did not deny such speculation when asked by National Review.

You see, this type of thing right here is why I am fed up to the hilt with the Republican Party. Two moderates in a row, two losses in a row. Add Jeb in 2016 and we will have three losses in a row.

The country does not want nor need another Bush in the White House, not in this lifetime, nor the next, nor the next, and probably not for centuries to come. And we certainly don't need any more Clintons or Kennedys either. These three families constitute the closest America has come to having royalty, a notion that the Founders not only abhorred but blasted to kingdom come.

The very fact that these elitist Republican numbskulls are merely considering such a thing is enough for me to spew them out of my mouth as the sickening, foul contamination that they are.

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