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Friday, October 19, 2012

This Little Blog Had a Birthday

I forgot to mention that this little blog recently had a birthday. No big deal, but still, it is a milestone.

Six years ago I began this venture not intending to do anything big with it. I just sat down and began to write. At first my readers were very few in number-- 50 or 100 was considered an excellent day, and most of the time it was much lower than that.

And then I happened across a new blog that had been started in support of the Duke University Lacrosse players who were accused of raping a black woman in Durham, N.C. The story caught my attention due to the fact that before any evidence was presented, the liberals in Durham had already tried the case in the press and proclaimed them guilty.

But a group of students and professors at Duke, along with a few writers and cartoonists, came together to form a minority opinion, disturbed by the fact that not only did the facts fail to add up but it appeared that the young students were being railroaded to jail as political scapegoats. They started a blog where they posted their views, and their investigation into the matter.

Thus, I wrote a story about the controversy and the inherent reverse racism at Duke, in the N.C. Democratic Party, and in the local state's attorney's office. That blog picked up on my story and linked to it, and suddenly I was getting 150-200 readers per day. That one act of kindness by the writers on that blog placed me in a position to gain some traction.

And by the way the students were found to be innocent of all charges, the accuser was exposed as a fraud, and the local state's attorney was punished for overt corruption.

In the year or two that followed, readership slowly grew here. And now, readership over the past two years has averaged 500-600 per day--nowhere near the top in terms of popularity, but still, better than most.

I noted also today that my total readership since late 2006 stands at 1.1 million--1,133,055.

Thank you for visiting these pages day after day. It's great to know that this little blog has picked up a small but intensely loyal following.

I am nowhere near finished. I have much more I want to say.

I was speaking at a church recently, and I quipped that now, for the first time in my life, I have to watch the time carefully because I tend to go way over my allotted time. I don't use notes, but still I seem to have much more to say now than I did when I was much younger. One person in the congregation responded by saying, "Well, hopefully you know much more now than you did back then." That's true, although some would say that all these things I now know, which I did not know before, are not true.

I would hope that most if not all of what I have learned through the years is, indeed, true.


Child of the Trillion dollar wasteland. said...

=) Congrats, thanks for all your hard work.

Rev. Paul said...

I, for one, appreciate the time you've spent laboring over this pursuit of the truth. God bless you, my brother!

Welshman said...

Paul, thanks for your kind words and support. You have been an inspiration to me.

Child, I appreciate your support very much. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...



Welshman said...

Thank you much, Armed.