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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Stand Up America declares that the Secret Service MUST investigate the explosive Obama credit card fraud scandal that is now sweeping over the administration.

The New York Liberty Report presents an Electoral College model that predicts a huge win for Romney.

The War on Guns has a Mike Vanderboegh health update. Continue to remember him in your prayers.

Market Guru Karl Denninger notes that the situation for Greece, Spain, and Italy has grown dire. And that means it's coming this way too.

Mike McCarville notes that some fallout has occurred in the wake of Obama's use of Big Bird as a campaign issue.

Alphecca alerts us to a strong statement in favor of gun rights issued by Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan.

Tam offers commentary on the nanny state and the now-infamous "ObamaPhone."

Blonde Sagacity has an updated report on the Romney t-shirt girl who was the center of controversy when her teacher and classmates claimed that it was akin to the KKK.

1 With a Bullet provides a concealed carry report from the state fair of Texas.

Gateway Pundit posts the story of Kid Rock's stunning endorsement of Mitt Romney and his apology for Obama's abysmal performance.

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