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Friday, October 05, 2012

OK, so I'm in a reminiscent mood lately and I have another goodie to share--so sue me.

I hope you will indulge me for another one of my musical remembrances from the mid-70s.

These moods come and go. So, if you don't like my songs, it will pass.

But if you do like them, I hope you are as gratified by the memories as I am.

Wow, I came across this one recently, and I was immediately taken back to an era when things were in a whirlwind. I was super busy, going to college, ministering at a church as a Music Director and Assistant Pastor, and volunteering for Bill Buckley's Young Americans for Freedom. I also wrote a newspaper column for 7 newspapers in South Carolina. And I was chosen to be Treasurer for the local Rotary Club of which I was a member, the youngest man ever to hold an official position with the club.

Sometimes I think all this activity was designed in part to keep me from dealing with my feelings, which were very deep and overwhelming, and which at the time were caught in a whirlwind mixture of excitement about the future and at the same time a deep and abiding sadness over the end of a relationship that I had essentially put all of my internal energy into.

Much of the time I would not allow myself the time to stop long enough to think about the sadness and loss. But during those occasional moments of solitude, or when a song would come on the radio, or I drove by a place that held great significance, the grief would come flooding over me in a dark tsunami. Yet I was drawn to certain songs that got me in touch with those feelings.

I shared one with you earlier in the week. This is another one. I remember vividly sitting in the room with the radio on, when I would be reading something important, and suddenly this particular song would come on, and everything would stop. Then, the tears.

Somehow this song captured exactly what I was going through--the need to deny my feelings, to claim they were not valid, and yet the ever-present reality that those feelings were real and were not going away.

I did not put this video together, so the young woman whose picture is in the vid is not the person connected with me at all. I don't even know who that is...just FYI.

Here is the song--"I'm Not In Love" by 10cc.

Click on the link at the top of the vid to view full size on YouTube.

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