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Friday, October 12, 2012

News bias rampant the day after the debate

Vice President Joe Biden and challenger Paul Ryan met in their first and only debate of the 2012 election cycle last evening in what could be described as a scrappy, messy mudfest. The two opponents were at each other's throats on nearly every issue.

But the manner in which the mainstream media is depicting the debate displays an odd and curious bias that only further solidifies in the minds of conservatives that the news business in this country has the deck stacked against them.

With the exception of Fox News, the media has apparently declared that Biden's performance was "strong" and that he "did what he needed to do" in setting the terms of discussion during the debate.

But constantly interrupting one's debate opponent and engaging in distracting and obnoxious sneers is not "setting the terms of the discussion and dominating the debate." Under normal conditions dominating a debate means the participant did so through a command of the facts and showing up his opponent with those facts. Biden failed at both.

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