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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Musings After Midnight--A Dire Warning from the Ground

Good evening, dear reader. And welcome to another segment of "Musings After Midnight"--the title I have given to these blog posts that are written during sleepless nights. But since it is 3 a.m., perhaps I should say "good morning" instead of good evening.

Be that as it may, I decided I would write to you during these wee hours of insomnia not simply to have something to do (I have my TCM movies to watch and reruns of Without a Trace, CSI Miami, and Criminal Minds) but because there has been a distinct warning from the ground in the darkness.

And you must be told about it.

Animals have a good feel for the ground. For example, it was said that prior to the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand in 2004, the animals had already fled the coastal regions long before there was any inkling of disaster. Animals seem to have an extra sensitivity to certain movements and sounds that humans do not have, at least not consciously.

I believe that some humans are super sensitive to these things, not to the degree that the animals are but more sensitive than most people. I have never thought of myself as being that sort of person, but many have told me through the years that they sense an extra "something" in me that causes me to be extra sensitive to certain data that others miss, such as feelings, mental and emotional states, and the like. Some refer to this as intuitive or perceptive.

This has served me well in my previous work in mental health and addictions chaplaincy. Being able to sense feelings in another person or in a group of persons is one of the keys to successfully dealing with those who suffer from these conditions. And for those of us who happen to be compassionate, such knowledge can contribute to an empathetic response to those who need a connection with another human being during the loneliest and most troublesome times of their lives.

But such intuition is also highly valuable in politics. A person in my position, as a political reporter, must be able to know who to trust and who not to trust.

Sure, there are times I make mistakes in my assumptions. Feelings I have had about certain persons did not pan out at times. I am a flawed human being, and as such, there are times when I can be quite wrong. But when it comes to getting to the heart of an issue--the truth--by being able to cut through the chaff, the smoke, the bilge, the distractions and the diversionary tactics of those who wish to hide, I think my track record is among the best.

And this brings me to my point. Tonight I have been quite disturbed by what I am sensing as a result of "keeping my ear to the ground." I have been able to sleep quite well of late, much better than normal. But not tonight. And I don't think it is just a normal case of periodic insomnia. There is a warning I am picking up from the ground, just as those animals picked up a warning somehow in the days and hours prior to the Indonesian tsunami.

But in this case, there is no place to run. There is no place to hide. It is stand your ground and get set. Get prepared to defend your ground.

I have noticed over the last several weeks that increasingly the daily bombardment of major news concerning major change has reached a fever pitch. With each passing day so much is being hurled at us in the political, religious, and social realms that it is becoming too overwhelming for normal human beings to keep up. It is almost like the system is being deliberately overwhelmed, overloaded, and overburdened by an ominous force, an evil presence, that is intent not only to keep Americans in a state of perpetual information overload, leading to chaotic confusion, but to overwhelm the system of government to the extent that it collapses.

As I thought about these things this evening it occurred to me that I have heard and read about this phenomenon many times before.

Does Saul Alinsky ring a bell? How about Cloward-Piven?

A central theme that was common to the Leftwing extremists of the 1960s was that in order to bring about massive social, religious, and political change you had to so overwhelm the current system that it collapses under the weight. And once it collapses you have the perfect opportunity to quickly replace it with a Marxist system of some sort, whether it be Socialism or Communism, or some derivative of it.

Ever since the current Administration took office in 2009, the system has, indeed, been inundated with extraordinary stressors that have shaken it to its very foundation. In spite of a mountain of debt that most economists have admitted is unsustainable, Obama has contributed an additional $5 trillion on top of it within a mere three years. His ideologically-driven but highly impractical energy and environmental policies, coupled with a deadly policy toward jobs, the economy, and corporate taxes, have driven the jobless rate to the highest sustained level of unemployment since the Great Depression of the 1930s and an inflation rate in the costs of food, drugs, electricity, and clothing that is approaching the 13% rate of the Carter years (1976-1981).

On top of that, Obama and the Democrats rammed through the healthcare reform bill against the clear wishes of most Americans, in the dead of night, approving a bill in secret that was not written by Senators and Congressmen but by extremists in the Center for American Progress, ACORN, SEIU, and the Tides Foundation. The scumbags in Congress never even read the bill before passing it.

And I am hearing that the Supreme Court may well keep parts of this dreadful and unconscionable piece of legislation.

The pricetag for ObamaCare is at least a trillion bucks. Just wait till the taxes for it kick in in 2013--the year after the election.

And then there is the absolutely outrageous Executive Order Obama signed last week that immediately grants amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens...bypassing Congress altogether. A President does not have that kind of power in the United States of America. The Constitution clearly states that only the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH--the Congress--has the power to write laws, NOT the Executive Branch--the presidency.

The Executive Order Obama signed essentially creates law out of thin air. This is a direct violation of Constitutional law.

Can you imagine what Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and Franklin would have done had a president in that era done such a thing? High crimes and misdemeanors, and treason, were so serious that those who dared commit them did so under the threat not only of being impeached but HANGED.

Added to all of this is the absolutely disastrous foreign policy implemented by this White House. Obama has managed to offend every single friend and ally that America has ever had, while befriending the most obnoxious and despicable fiends the world has ever known. The result? Israel is highly vulnerable in a vast ocean of extremist Muslim nations. A known terrorist organization--the Muslim Brotherhood--now controls Egypt. Russia is on the march unchecked, reasserting its power that it lost at the end of the Cold War. And China has been so empowered by a boneheaded, idiotic policy toward the ChiComs that even Leon Panetta admitted that the Communist giant is a major threat to U.S. security.

Meanwhile, Europe continues to self-destruct, and America is helping it. How? Our own government is trying to take us down the same path Europe took, which led to its present economic woes. And then, when the chickens come home to roost, and the piper must be paid, the banks bail them out, or the German government does so just as the U.S. government bailed out numerous large corporations that did not deserve to stay in business due to gross mismanagement.

It is an endless cycle toward economic doom. Spend yourself into oblivion with borrowed money, go into such debt that you have no more money to pay for the freebies, and then get somebody to bail you out--just like a bunch of very sick, demented drug addicts who are perpetually dependent on their enablers rather than learning how to become independent and standing on their own two feet.

Greece is not going to save Europe, no matter how they voted this past Sunday. Spain also teeters on the edge. So is Portugal. So is Italy. So is Ireland.

Are the European banks going to bail out everybody? How? And with what?

The problem with bailouts is that it rewards bad behavior. Thus, the actions that led to the disaster are reinforced and nobody learns a damn thing from their mistakes.

The world needs to face a cold, hard fact. Were it not for printing paper money out of thin air, at least 75% of what governments are able to do in their hallowed social programs would no longer be possible.

We are living in a house built on sinking sand. A palace of paper. A worthless bundle of printed "notes" that promise value but have nothing of real value to back them up.

When the jig is up on this house of cards, and make no mistake, my friend, there is always, always a day of reckoning sooner or later, then the world will discover there is no more money. And when there is no more money then it is bye bye to pensions, social security, bank accounts, and everything else people have been counting on to take them through old age.

No matter how much the Left talks about how essential it is to provide for the disadvantaged and such, when the money dries up, who will pay for it?

The answer is nobody. Everyone will be flat broke. It is then that reality sets in. Dreams are shattered. Untold suffering ensues. The rich, and the middle class, are thrown into abject poverty. And no government agency will come around to "help" because government has to get money from citizens to pay for this help. And when citizens have no money left, then there is nothing for government to confiscate through taxation. That means there is no more beloved "social safety net."

Do you think I am being too graphic, too much of an alarmist? Well, I disagree. I am being realistic--and honest. I am telling you things your politicians won't tell you. Nor will the mainstream media.

But you had best pay attention because I'm telling you that a major catastrophe of historic proportions is on the way, and it may be much, much worse than anything this country experienced in the Great Depression, two World Wars, and a Civil War combined...unless major changes are made soon in the course this country has taken.

The thing that really disturbs me, however, is the number of our fellow citizens who have been duped by the smooth-talking politicians with their sweet promises of utopia if we will but embrace "hope and change." The dumbed down educational system, which is run by Leftists who indoctrinate our children with Leftist propaganda, has produced millions upon millions of mindless zombies who parrot the party line of the Marxists who buy support through the promise of more freebies. 48% of the country today pays no taxes at all. That means that roughly half of the population lives off of the public dole in some manner.

How is it that citizens can expect to pay no taxes at all when they use services and goods that are paid for with the money government confiscates from citizens who DO pay taxes? You use roads and highways, don't you? You benefit from police protection, fire protection, military protection, and a myriad of other services government provides. So, tell me how it is acceptable for some citizens to avoid paying anything at all for these things?

Even those at the lowest rung of the income ladder can pay a dollar or two per payday for these things. But when half the population has come to expect others to carry their share of the load, a mindset is developed in which there is an expectation that politicians will continue to make it possible for them to get the freebies without paying a dime for them, and if those politicians don't perpetuate that scheme they will be voted out of office.

Thus, the standard becomes the lowest possible reason for casting a vote for a candidate, one that is based entirely upon who can do the most for "me" rather than who is best for the country as demonstrated by their commitment to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Let us never forget that over 50% of Americans who voted cast their vote for Barack Obama. Over half the country. Our fellow citizens whom we see day in and day out put that man in office. And many of them will do the same damn thing yet again in 2012, even after all we've learned about him.

This does not bode well for the future of the country. While Patriots were asleep at the wheel, the enemies of this country from within have been busy at work brainwashing, influencing, and persuading fellow citizens to swallow an ideology that is totally foreign to everything that made this country great. And we are on the brink of losing forever the Republic that the Founders gave us. If Obama wins reelection, and if he has enough support in Congress, then it's over. America is gone. The Constitution will be rendered entirely meaningless and powerless.

And make no mistake about it, my friends. If Obama is reelected, we've lost the Supreme Court for good as well, meaning that Obama will have free reign. One more Leftwing extremist on the Court will change its entire complexion. Obama will more than likely have the opportunity to appoint two or three new justices. That will put the final nail in the coffin for the country.

Frankly, I am worried about the election for several reasons. For one, I have lost trust in my fellow citizens. The things I hear coming out of people's mouths who should know better send cold chills up my spine. They are uninformed, fickle, easily swayed, and prone to a mob mentality. If the economy rebounds a bit, and gas prices continue to drop, and if enough of the recipients of amnesty for illegal aliens vote, then I can easily see a scenario where Obama could be reelected, in spite of his Marxism, his lies, his scandals, his ineptitude, and his extremism.

In addition, in a national emergency, which could very well happen at any time, citizens are prone to vote for stability. They will often return a known entity to office even if they don't like him that much, simply because they want at least some continuity in troubled times.

But there is another aspect of a national emergency that is even more ominous. In some cases the emergency is so dire that Martial law is imposed and elections are suspended. In that case, Obama would remain in office indefinitely.

And another factor that further complicates the issue is that Republicans appear to have chosen a candidate that is not particularly liked by most conservatives. It is still uncertain as to what some conservatives will do on election day. Are they so opposed to Romney that they will sit out the election or vote for a third party or a write-in candidate, even though by doing so they virtually insure Obama's reelection?

I have written at length about this issue before and related to you my dilemma. I believe that people should vote their conscience, no matter what. And some people I know cannot in good conscience vote for Romney. I struggle with the same issue. But I am at this point leaning toward voting for him because I believe that the most important issue in THIS election is getting rid of Barack Obama and ALL of his Democrat enablers in Congress. If the election involved someone other than a dangerous extremist, it would be very different. But this year, the election is ALL about ridding the government of Obama and his ilk, and thus, I don't think I can allow myself to do anything that could tip the election in his favor.

Thus, I am leaning toward voting for Romney if he becomes the chosen nominee at the Convention, but only because I want Obama to lose. I don't want to risk a third party pulling votes away from Romney and thus insuring an Obama victory. Once we get rid of Obama, we can then go to work on cleaning up the Republican Party and getting rid of the RINOS.

I know that Ron Paul is still in the race, and if he wins the nomination I will vote for him. I would prefer him over Romney, for sure. But, I don't see any way he can win. He simply does not have the delegates he needs.

But here is the bottom line, my friends, as I have attempted to explain to you the critical nature of what we face. The period of time we have now entered is a very dangerous period. Tyrants such as Obama and the big money behind him do not leave office without a fight. Back them into a corner and they turn brutal. Their actions have already resulted in the murders of a Border Patrol agent and an Ice agent in the Fast and Furious scandal. Hundreds of Mexicans who live just south of the border have also been murdered with the guns the cartels received from the ATF. They will not hesitate to kill ordinary citizens if we get in their way. They don't call Obama thug Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel "the godfather" for nothing. He got that designation for a reason.

We have already seen part of what Obama will do when his back is against the wall. When his poll numbers started to tank, he signed an illegal Executive Order granting amnesty to 800,000 illegals who will show their appreciation by voting for Obama and the Democrats.

What will happen next if his numbers continue to plummet?

Tyrants who become desperate will do ANYTHING.

However, looking at the much broader picture, there are any number of major catastrophes that could happen at any moment--the European economic crisis, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Russia, China, the collapse of the U.S. economic system due to the unsustainable debt load, gasoline shortages due to mounting tensions in the Middle East, Islamic terrorists who have already been confirmed to be operational at the southern border (and hence, the multiple beheadings that are NOT indicative of Mexican culture at all), or further encroachments on the rights of citizens and Constitutional law by a president who is consumed by his own self-importance.

So, what is the main source of the "warning from the ground" I picked up on during this sleepless night? Is it one of the scenarios I mentioned above? Or is it a combination of several if not all of them coming together at the same time?

That I cannot answer. All of the factors delineated above are equally serious and dangerous. All I know is that I heard distinct rumblings beneath the surface that caused me some alarm--enough to keep me awake.

I have learned not to ignore these warnings. And I have to admit that I am on edge. I thought you should know, not for my sake, but yours.


Midnightsky41 said...

Your warning has been heard. I wonder if I should take the few dollars I've managed to save out of the bank now? God bless America!

SamenoKami said...

Should you take your $ out of the bank?
Do you have months' worth of stored food?
Do you have ammo and guns?
Do you have months' worth of stored meds?

If the answer to the above ?s is 'no' then YES you need to take your saved money out of the bank and buy useful stuff.

Unknown said...

I wanted to share with you that I have been receiving these same warnings and messages ever sense Obama started gaining ground during the election of 08, I started to check into information about him then and every thing that I was able to discover about him was so dark and even diabolical that I knew God was leading me to do my research and was giving me that information to warn others with. Over these 4 years for me now, I have seen many people wake up and even become active but I have also seen so many people be so sucked into his deceptions that the only thing I can explain it as, is the strong delusion that God speaks about that He would send on the people because they will not turn from their wicked ways. I am also seeing those that are being given over to reprobate minds growing at a very rapid pace. I believe we are in the time of, everything that can be shaken will be shaken right now. I have been calling everyone at every opportunity unto repentance and to seek the LORD. I have been calling on Christians to make straight the way of the LORD and to take on the whole armor of God. I have been taking heed of these things myself first of all and asking our Father to guide and direct what I do and what I say always and to be obedient to His will so that He can use me. I am sharing this with you because while I read what you wrote here, I knew it was a conformation for me and what He has been showing me and telling me, is not my imagination nor have I made up some kind of conspiracy theory about what is happening in this world and with people. I see the LORD proving His word is faithful and true and coming to pass on a daily basis now. Things are being maneuvered into absolutes, darkness and light, no middle ground or walking the fence. The people are either with Him or they are against Him. Truth is being spoken boldly as you are doing in your writing and at the same time liars and deceivers and evil doers are embolden like never before. Watchmen are awake and warning what watch we are in, I know God has me doing that. We are in perilous times and like you said it is going to get far worse. We must stand on the solid Rock of Jesus because you are correct, all else is sinking sand. I am praising the LORD for your obedience in boldness and will be sharing your writing with my family, my friends on my Facebook site and with all the groups I am a member of. I believe it is a true watchman's warning and it is a witness to the things I have been trying to tell everyone I can. I bare witness to your writing of this, in Jesus, Amen. God bless and keep you and your message pure and strong in Jesus and in glory to God our Father, Amen.

gmccarthy said...

Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Water (lots of it), vegetable garden (start one), stockpile food (look for the sales), join a neighborhood watch...teach your neighbors about preparedness, arm yourself (get training), but lots of ammo (, create a co-op to purchase junk silver coin (then split it up), take a CPR and first aid class (or CERT), buy hand tools such as hand saws, hand drills, purchase a generator (Costco has them on sale once in a while), buy a freezer and stockpile frozen food, learn canning and how dehydrate food. If the Sh.. hits the fan...decide now if you're going to get out of Dodge or you're going to stay put and ride it out. The food distribution system only has three days of stock on hand... If a major earthquake, windstorm, electrical outage, or economic calamity should occur...those who prepared themselves will survive. Warning...if you're neighbors have prepared to defend your home and family. My last suggestion is to read a book by William R. Forstchen called ONE SECOND AFTER. You won't be sorry.

Dave Posh said...

With all the talk about Obama's amnesty Executive Order, I tried to find it. It doesn't exist.

There was NO "Executive Order" by Obama to declare amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens. It was an ICE directive.

"Additionally, President Obama did not issue an executive order, but Obama’s ICE director, John Morton, issued a directive that discussed a change in prosecutorial discretion. Prosecutorial discretion is basically a set of determined criteria for which the ICE will or will not deport certain immigrants."


-Dave Posh

JoeyT said...

The direction in which you say we are going as a country is spot on, though the blame you attribute may be too focused on one individual (the prez) and one political party, the Dems. Unfortunately as history has shown all too well, especially since the early 1900s, American presidents and those in congress, whether right-leaning, centrist or leftist, have had a clearly defined goal in the distant horizon in the form of a one-world government and all it's Machiavellian trimmings. Obama is no different; Romney is no different; they're all the same. I read no mention in your article of all the civil liberties abrogated under GW's watch (anyone remember the completely-unpatriotic Patriot Act), the very same policies Obama has run with and expanded throughout his first term. Each one is a continuation of the other, the superficial distinction of Republican or Democrat being used as a smoke screen. Under this thinly veiled veneer, you'll find a common and admittedly sinister agenda that will take much more than removing Obama from the Oval office to derail. You vote for Romney, you vote for Obama. Same difference. If you can't see the similarities, who do you think Obama modeled his healthcare bill after?

The bottom line: This is exactly what they want us to do... They're goal is to distract us with the same old partisan bickering so that we become oblivious to the actual agenda. Forget about politics - it's just petty bickering among children. It resolves nothing. It's patently obvious that presidents, congress and SCOTUS - in other words our entire government - have, are and will continue to get away with illegal, unconstitutional policies, whether subtle or overt, in an effort to further the Agenda. When the legal framework governing America can no longer hold water, when it can no longer be relied upon by the citizens of the country to defend them, when it provides them no redress because jurists themselves are politicians caught up in the whirlwind of partisan games... What are we to do then? The time for peaceable resistance has long since come and gone. The pen, my friends, is no longer more powerful than the sword!

Welshman said...

Have you read anything I have written besides this entry? I highly doubt it, because it is obvious you make assumptions here that you would not have made if you had been a regular reading, or even if you had some some research on other things I have written before you posted this.

I have been one of Romney's biggest opponents since 2008. I have blasted GWB for many things. I have castigated RINOS--liberal Republicans.

But you make some false observations about Republicans. Not all are like Romney and Bush. Although they are in the minority, there are real conservatives in the Republican Party. There are NONE in the Democrat Party. Every single one of them voted for ObamaCare, for example.

This "partisan games" charge of yours is aimed at the wrong person and persons. Use your freaking head! If is not being "partisan" to state fact. Democrats are now the Marxists. Republicans are now the moderates, but at the very least they have conservatives in the ranks.

I have written extensively about my problems with ALL of the parties, including Libertarians. They are nuts when it comes to foreign policy. Had they been in charge we would have already fought WWIII on our own soil as the Soviets would have marched right in with nukes.

I am a small government, low tax conservative. But the national defense during the Cold War HAD to be big and powerful enough to defeat the Soviet Union that had threatened to 'bury us" with nukes.

You also have some weird notions about politics. Do you agree we must restore the Constitution to its rightful place as the law of the land? If so, THAT IS the political process. And I do NOT, sir, consider it to be "petty bickering." It is a matter of life and death, and we had best get involved with it, or we're sunk.