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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Defying the May Day Commies

Well, I went out today, twice, in fact, to make some purchases.

Big news, eh?

Normally such a mundane matter would not be worth the time, effort, and energy to report it...except for today.

You see, the labor unions, the anarchists, and the Commies wanted May Day to be a day in which workers went on strike and stayed home, not only refusing to go to work but refraining from making purchases at retail outlets. They wanted to 'send a message' that they could bring down the economy.

So, being the highly cooperative soul that I am, I did my part. I went out and did exactly the opposite of what the May Day 'Occupy' Commies said to do.

Not only did I make purchases at retail outlets but I worked as well. I was up early today writing and monitoring the movements of the Occupy thugs around the country. No, I did not stalk them. I never left the house while doing it. But I do keep up with sources who keep their ears to the ground.

So far at least the May Day disruptions did not quite go as well as expected. It seems the movement has lost significant steam since last year. But it is too early to let our guard down. These people are dangerous, and they never really give up.

Bill Ayers is still around, after all, stirring up the pot.

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