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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request

I am just now seeing this. Got behind on things today.

But here is a message from David Codrea:

I had business to attend to this morning, and was unable to receive phone calls.  When I was able to reestablish communications, there was a voice mail message from Mike--he said he "had a bad night last night" and "they're taking me into the emergency room."
I called his number 10 minutes ago and his wifeRosey answered.  She said he's having trouble breathing, they're worried some fluid may be getting into his lungs and they're taking him in for another CAT scan.
These folks have been through a lot. Now would be a pretty good time to send another plea up the chain of command. 
Folks, if you pray, now would be a good time to send one up for Mike Vanderboegh.


Rev. Paul said...

Prayers sent!

agirlandhergun said...

I will definitely pray for him!