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Monday, April 30, 2012

Twitter suspension of conservative sparks protest

On Sunday evening the talk on the social networking siteTwitter was ablaze with outrage over the suspension of a conservative's account after he had defended his wife against a coordinated attack by liberals.
Chris Loesch, the husband of Big Journalism editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch, had defended his wife against statements directed to her apparently for no other reason than her political ideology.
Apparently his actions were enough to get his account suspended.
Conservatives who witnessed the entire display were livid, claiming that Loesch had not violated any of Twitter's terms of service, nor did he threaten anyone. The liberals attacking him, on the other hand, had engaged in personal threats of violence, according to those who saw the events as they happened, including this reporter. 
The conservatives, thus, began to send tweets with the "hashtag" #FreeChrisLoesch. Within two hours the hashtag was trending nationally and had reached the level of the third most tweeted subject on Twitter.

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