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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Media Matters obfuscates truth of Fast and Furious scandal

As reported yesterday the extremist left wing organization Media Matters, which is underwritten primarily by leftist billionaire George Soros, has embarked on a smear campaign against author Katie Pavlich whose newly published book delineates the crimes committed by the Obama Administration in the Fast and Furious scandal and the subsequent cover up.
The Department of Justice is now referring all of those with questions concerning Fast and Furious to the Media Matters website, which has devoted an entire page to the attempt to discredit Pavlich, implying that her book is full of untruths.
But in researching the claims of Media Matters, this reporter discovered that it is Media Matters that is engaging in a campaign of untruths.
The tactic? Obfuscate the truth by erecting straw men arguments that are of no consequence to the pertinent facts of the Pavlich book and the Fast and Furious operation.

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